Pokemon Go Super Effective Charged Attack

Did you hear about the term super effective charged attack for Pokemon Go? You must surely be thinking about what it exactly means and how to use these attacks, don’t worry, we know what information you need to grasp, and here is a guide for the same. 

Every Pokemon has its own set of moves/attacks in Pokemon Go which they use to win a battle. If you know the right moves to use against a certain enemy, your victory is ensured, that is where you need about the most effective charged moves that your Pokemon Possesses. 

In Pokemon Go, the best Super effective charged attack that exists is the “Magnetic Bomb”. This is a Steel Type move and you will find very few Pokemon that can use this charged move in the game. Having a power of 70 for both PvP and PvE and costing just 33 energy in PvE and 45 energy in PvP, this attack can be quite impactful on the opponents. 

We know that you are looking for a lot more information, and don’t worry, all of it is covered regarding the Super Effective Charged Attacks in Pokemon Go, all you need to do is read.

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What Are Pokemon Go Super Effective Charged Attacks?

In Pokemon Go, charged attacks are a type of attack that must be charged up. The phrase “Supereffective” merely denotes that your Pokemon’s strike is very effective against this specific foe. Unbeknownst to you, certain Pokemon make excellent counters for other Pokémon. 

Players utilize this benefit when competing against other trainers. In essence, certain of your moves will be more potent against a specific kind of Pokemon. This produces a Supereffective Charged Attack when combined with a charged attack.

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How To Use Pokemon Go Super Effective Charged Attack?

Gym battles and raid battles are the best settings to practice your Supereffective Charged Attacks. Obtaining a good pokemon is all that is needed before engaging in combat. 

You must now gather enough energy to perform a charged attack. Your charged strike will be extremely potent if the target is vulnerable to your Pokemon. The Supereffectice Charged Attack in the game is based on this notion. 

You will need to utilize the proper Pokemon against the right opponent and gather the energy necessary to conduct a charged attack once you have decided which combination of Pokemon you believe will have the best chance of completing a super-effective Charged Attack. 

The on-screen cues during combat let you know if an attack is strong or weak. While weak assaults are ineffective, strong ones are extremely effective.

In order to execute the right sequence, for instance, Fire Type techniques are Super Effective against Grass Types.

By way of illustration, a statement from Niantic provides further information: “Alolan Marowak”, a Fire and Ghost-type Pokémon that commonly appears in Great League matches, may presently learn Fire, Fighting, and Ghost-type Fast Attacks as well as Fire, Ground, and Ghost-type Charged Attacks.

Since Alolan Marowak is very vulnerable to attacks from the Water, Ground, Rock, and Ghost types, opponents frequently have these Pokémon on their teams. 

However, if Alolan Marowak is equipped with a Fighting- or Ground-type move, like Rock Smash or Bone Club, an enemy Rock-type Pokémon would be dealt supereffective damage. 

An Alolan Marowak with the Fighting-type Fast Attack Rock Smash would also have a better chance of defeating a Dark-type Pokémon, maybe making your opponent second-guess their choice of Pokémon.

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Which Is The Best Pokemon Go Super Effective Charged Attack?

As mentioned, the top super effective charged attack that you can use in the entire game Pokemon Go is the Magnetic Bomb move which can inflict a great amount of damage with quite less use of energy. 

This is a Steel Type charged attack and here is a list of Pokemon that can currently learn this move in the game. 

1. Magnemite

2. Magneton

3. Probopass

4. Genesect 

Wrap Up

We hope that you have attained all the information that you were looking for regarding the super-effective charged attacks in Pokemon Go. You can find out the super effective attack for your Pokemon based upon which moves it has and which Pokemon it is going to fight against.

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