Pokemon Go What Are Lucky Pokemon In 2022?

Everyone wants to be lucky throughout their lives. Well, we can’t change your fate, but definitely help you get lucky in the game Pokemon Go by letting you know what are Lucky Pokemon all about. So, if you are also not aware of this kind of Pokemon and how to get them, then now you should gain some information regarding that.

When you assign the term “Lucky” with a Pokemon, it becomes obvious that these Pokemon are going to be of way different status. Unlike shiny Pokemon in the game that is only about a change in appearance, Lucky Pokemon get the players an upper hand in certain aspects. Don’t stress much, we are going to discuss it all here, the only thing you need to do is keep reading. 

The popular Augmented Reality video game Pokemon Go is all about battling certain Pokemon to attain a great collection of the best Pokemon in the game. There is a wide range of Pokemon of different types. Moreover, some Pokemon are just regular, while some are Shiny, and the ultimate ones are referred to as the Lucky Pokemon. 

If you want to know in Pokemon Go what are Lucky Pokemon exactly, then this article is all you need to read through. 

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In Pokemon Go What Are Lucky Pokemon?

Apart from the Regular Pokemon that you find in Pokemon Go, there are some rare ones of the same kind, however, being of unique status in the game. The appearance of a Lucky Pokemon will be the same as the Regular ones, unlike the Shiny Pokemon which looks a little different. 

The most significant benefit of a Lucky Pokemon is that it will cost you quite a less amount of Stardust when you want to power them up, which will be quite advantageous for you in the game. 

You can say that you will require just half the amount of Stardust that is required for powering up the same Pokemon under the Regular form. And, since you know how rare is the item Stardust in Pokemon Go and you need to grind a lot of resources to find it, thus, the less Stardust you require, the better it is for you. 

This makes it easy for the players to boost up the CP of their Pokemon so that they can be more than ready for the battles. 

Moreover, if you check the behind-the-scenes stats of a Lucky Pokemon, they will be really good. The Lucky Pokemon have an average IV stat of about 80% which is a value quite close to that of a Perfect Pokemon. 

So, when a Pokemon is a lucky one, its stats change to a drastic level in comparison to the regular ones. Thus, when a Pokemon becomes Lucky, even the weak ones get powerful enough to do well during the battle. 

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How To Get A Lucky Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

Since Lucky Pokemon are on a higher level than the other ones, it will also be a little hard to get them, still, it is not impossible at all. 

The best way to obtain a Lucky Pokemon is by trading your regular Pokemon with your friends in the game. There are great chances that both the players involved in the Pokemon Trade will receive a Lucky Pokemon in exchange even if they both gave away their Regular Pokemon. 

If you want to increase the chances of getting the Pokemon changed into a Lucky one, most of you should choose a Pokemon that has been with you for a long time. The longer a Pokemon has stayed with you, the more will its chances to become a Lucky Pokemon after trading. 

Moreover, if you are currently possessing less than ten Lucky Pokemon in Pokemon Go, then your chances of receiving a Lucky One after the trade are going to be much higher even if the Pokemon had not stayed with the player for a long time. 

Wrap Up

That is all about the Lucky Pokemon which many players brag about once they possess one. But now you know their value and how to increase your chances to obtain them, so, it will not be any longer that you will also be possessing a great range of Lucky Pokemon on your team.

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