Pokemon Go What Does Power Up Do?

If you are an active Pokemon Go player or even a rookie, you definitely have heard of the Power Up option in the game. However, many players are not entirely sure in what does Power Up exactly do in Pokemon Go and how to power up their Pokemon. But no worries as long as we are here to let you grasp all such information. 

When you Power Up a Pokemon in Pokemon Go, it helps you as a trainer to increase the CP level of that Pokemon of yours, as a result of which your Pokemon’s strength also increases. This option is quite useful when the players have to land into some intense battles with their Pokemon. 

Pokemon Go is quite a popular game worldwide where the geographical location of the players also matters a lot and users take the roles of the trainers and catch several kinds of Pokemon in the game to battle them against the others. 

While you level up in the game, the difficulty also increases in Pokemon Go and there are certain instances where you need to provide your fighting Pokemon with some more CP, and this can be done only if you know how to power up in Pokemon Go, so let us know all about this. 

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In Pokemon Go What Does Power Up Do?

Unless you have reached the Trainer level 20 in Pokemon Go, there is no need to think of powering up any of your Pokemon in the game because up until that time, the difficulty level of the game is mild. 

However, once you have reached close to level 20, the game will start getting tougher and tougher and you will need to level up your trainer because it takes about 25000 XP if you want to level up from 19 to 20 and in case of level 21, you will need 50,000 XP. Just like that, the rate keeps on increasing and for reaching level 22, you would need 75,000 XP. 

When you power up, the level of your Pokemon increases by half and you are able to power up your Pokemon to +3 Trainer level. As you level up in the game, you can power up your Pokemon twice more. 

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How To Power Up Pokemon In Pokemon Go?

If you are planning to power up a Pokemon of yours, we are here to guide you through the entire process. 

First, in the map view of the game tap on the Main Menu button that has the PokeBall icon, and after that, tap on the Pokemon Button.  you need to the Pokemon Collection Page under which you will find the Pokemon Summary Page. 

Now open the page of the Pokemon that you want to power up and tap on the Power Up button present on the screen. The Stardust and amount of candy required for powering up will also be mentioned right next to the Power Up button. 

If you are possessing the required amount of Candies and Stardust for the Power Up to take place, the button will be green in color and thus, accessible. 

If you do not have the requirements for the chosen Power Up, you will not be able to access the button as it will be either faded or Red in color.

Also, note that if the selected Pokemon of yours has already reached the maximum possible level, you will not find any Power Up button on this screen at all. 

So, if you are eligible, tap on the Power Up button which will prompt a pop-up menu on the screen where you have to confirm your decision. The required resources from your account will be consumed and the HP and CP of your Pokemon will be increased as a result of the completion of the powering up process. 

Here is the amount of Candies and Stardust required if you want to power up your Pokemon at different levels.

Wrap Up

We hope that you are all clarified in Pokemon Go what does Power Up do exactly to your Pokemon. So, if you think that it is time that you need to increase the CP and HP of a certain Pokemon you possess in the game, you can go through the process mentioned above to fulfill your requirement and power it up.

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