Pokemon Go Where To Find Dragon Type Pokemon In 2022

Dragons usually hold most of our fantasies in video games, especially when they are used in battles. And, if you are a Pokemon lover, then what would be better than owning a Dragon-Type Pokemon? So, let us get acknowledged among all the Pokemon in Pokemon Go where to find Dragon Type Pokemon.

You can find Dragon-Type Pokemon in locations like cities, parks, and various landmarks. Players usually get to catch this type of Pokemon on windy, foggy, or gusty days, that too, to be specific, near areas with water sources.

Out of the eighteen elemental types of Pokemon available in the game Pokemon Go, one is the Dragon Type with the rarest spawn rate making the players desire such Pokemon more and more. Most of the Dragon Type Pokemon are quite powerful, actually, you can call them the Pseudo Legendary Pokemon and they hold good chances of winning nearly any battle in the game.

Who wouldn’t want to own a Dragon Type Pokemon and increase their stats in Pokemon Go? Of course, everyone does, that’s why we are here to make it easier for you to locate such Pokemon in the game.

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Pokemon Go: Where To Find Dragon Type Pokemon?

Latios, Salamence, Charizard, or Dragonite, which powerful Dragon Type Pokemon are you aiming at? No matter which one it is, we are here to get you to find them.

The most common locations where the spawn rate of Dragon Type Pokemon has been confirmed to be the highest include the Golf Course and Landmarks. By landmarks, we mean those locations where people usually visit and gather like some tourist destinations or a famous historical building or a bridge, it can be anything that stands out in the area.

Furthermore, various players have been lucky with encountering some really good Dragon Type Pokemon in cities (in the large city districts) and parks, especially on a Not-So-Normal day, like when the weather is foggy, windy, or gusty.

When you find one, you will need to activate the incense on your character and use it to attract the Pokemon to your location because in their case you will not be able to lead them to any trustworthy PokeStop using any decoys.

Remember that using incense will make many other types of Pokemon come to your location and thus, you will need to filter out which one is the Dragon Type.

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Also, you must be aware that there are several Research Tasks in Pokemon Go that reward you with random Pokemon encounters, and if you are lucky enough, you might get a chance to battle a Dragon Type Pokemon soon.

Moreover, the Legendary raids comprise entirely of the legendary Pokemon and we already know that the Dragon Types are on the list, so you can also take part in such raids to have more encounters with the Pokemon you want in your list. But remember that these legendary Dragon Pokemon are not that easy to beat, you must be fully prepared for the encounter, it will be even better to join hands with your friends to battle them.

Since the Dragon Type Pokemon are really a rare species in Pokemon Go, it is not that easy to find one, especially on common days, so you will especially need to look out for them on the foggy or windy days where you will have many much higher chances of finding one. 

Wrap Up

We know that after going through this article, it will not take you much longer before you get your own legendary Dragon in the game. That was all about Pokemon Go where to find Dragon Type Pokemon. Feel free to share this with your friends who are also looking for the same as well as tell us in the comments section which other kind of Pokemon you are struggling to find so that we can soon come up with a guide on them too.

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