Popular Game Genres To Play On Mobile

As smartphones become more powerful and widely used, more and more people are playing mobile games in their free time. Accessible from anywhere, from the train to the toilet, these games are engaging a huge range of users every day.

And, with such a diverse range of players, many different game genres are hitting the small screens. Below, examine some of the most popular game genres to make it onto mobile and what makes them great!

Popular Game Genres To Play On Mobile

  • Puzzle games

An excellent way to train your brain and help your mind stay active, mobile puzzle games offer a far wider range of game types than the common paper versions like word searches, crosswords and sudoku. Through mobile, you can access all those common paper versions and much more, like the ever-popular Wordle, both of which offer a new and engaging take on puzzles.

  • Arcade games

Arcade games are the perfect way for a casual gamer to have some fun while killing time. With a huge range of game types to choose from they are usually bright, colourful and easy to get into. Angry Birds is just one example of an amazing arcade-style mobile game that was a huge hit with a wide appeal. Nowadays, this arcade game is a household brand and you can barely get through a day without seeing an Angry Birds backpack, keychain or other type of merchandise in the street with it now being one of the most popular games in the industry!

  • Card games

Nothing beats a classic game of cards. Card games can be adapted extremely well for mobile and the types of card games available to play are so far ranging your favourite game is sure to be available on the Apple or Google Play stores. From classic casino games like blackjack to a relaxing game of solitaire, there is always a good card game to play when you are on your mobile. If you want to play now at online casinos, you can get involved in some of the best table games out there, like roulette, as well as card games like baccarat, blackjack, and three-card hold’em. Many app stores offer a great range of the latest titles for players to enjoy from their very own mobile!

  • Role playing games (RPGs)

Even on mobile, RPGs offer a far more immersive gaming experience that means players can lose themselves in hours of story-driven gameplay, developing their character and exploring new worlds. Today, these games are split into two categories: solo player RPGs and Massively Multiplayer Online RPGs (MMORPGs). The most popular RPGs on mobile include Pokemon Go by Niantic where players can augment the real world using their phone’s cameras, interact with Pokemon in all new and realistic ways, and battle their friends online. Cookie Run: Kingdom by Devsisters Corporation, is an action role-playing game that allows Disney fans to experience their favourite cartoon universe and characters like never before. And finally, RAID: Shadow Legends by Plarium, a turn-based MMORPG where players can use over 1 million custom-built champions and fight for glory against other players!

  • Sports games

Who says sporty people don’t play games? Although this may have been true in the past, today anyone who is a sports fan is likely to play the video game version of their favourite sports on their mobile. From basketball titles like NBA 2K22 to football games like FIFA Mobile and everything in between, today you can lose yourself playing as your favourite athlete from wherever you are through the huge range of sports games available on mobile. For those of you facing a long wait until your next sporting event, is there a better way to keep engaged in your favourite sport than downloading the mobile game version and enjoying instant access to the drama and passion that comes from playing competitive sport?

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