Best MP7 Warzone Loadout for All COD Warzone Players

Mp7 is a compact and lightweight gun in Warzone. But it becomes more powerful if we add some attachments to it.

We made the best Warzone loadouts for Kilo 141 and SP-R 208. Both guns perform super in Warzone. Today, it’s time to cover MP7 which is a rapid-fire weapon. This SMG might not be used by many players but it’s best in close and medium-range fights in Warzone.

Warzone MP7 attachments need to be fixed in Muzzle, Barrel, Laser, Stock, Underbarrel, Ammunition, and Rear grip.

To know about the best attachments for MP7, you should go through the full article.

Best MP7 Warzone Loadout 2022

Whether you are an assaulter or a good sniper, MP7 is perfect support for both. Also, it should be used on Rebirth Island for best results.

Attachments for MP7 in Warzone

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor

We also mentioned the Monolithic Suppressor as a muzzle for Kilo 141 and SP-R 208 in our previous articles. This is because a monolithic suppressor increases the damage range of any weapon by providing silence to the gun. Apart from it, this suppressor makes MP7 a more deadly weapon for close-range than ever before.

Laser: Tac Laser/No Change

Either you should equip your MP7 with a tac laser or don’t use any laser. The reason behind equipping a tac laser is really simple. While playing action games like Call of Duty, accurate aiming is the key to knocking down enemies. Here, for MP7, tac laser comes into play. A highly powered tac laser for MP7 brings accuracy in the gameplay while you aim down sights. As MP7 is a rapid-firing weapon, Tac laser should be the best-fit attachment for it.

Underbarrel: Merc Foregrip

Merc Foregrip is one of the best attachments available in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. It helps increase accuracy in the hip fire. Many players use it as an Underbarrel in their MP7. It provides recoil control. This foregrip is available for various primary guns including PP19 Bizon, Kar98k, and other sniper rifles.

Barrel: FFS Recon

We want you to try FFS Recon for the barrel in MP7 in Warzone. This will help your gun in providing range and accuracy.

Other Best Warzone MP7 Attachments

Ammunition: 60 Round Mags.

Stock: No Stock

No particular stock is required in MP7 loadout.

Optic: APX Holographic Sight.

Rear Grip: Stippled Grip Tape.

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