QA VP Tim Twerdahl Siri AirTag

Questions and answers with Apple Vice President Tim Twerdahl, who says the new Siri Remote doesn’t need AirTag-like technology since it’s too bulky to be lost in sofa cushions. The latest Apple TV features an entirely updated Siri Remote, the A12 Bionic chip, and 60Hz Dolby Vision.

It’s a well-known fact that some of the most common complaints concerning Apple’s latest Siri Remote for its Apple TV were its inability to stay lost in the murky depths of the living room. Apple could have solved this problem with its new Siri remote, by adding an example of a useful and handy AirTag. It appears that the company decided that it won’t be lost since the new remote is bigger.

QA VP Tim Twerdahl Siri AirTag

Apple Vice-President Tim Twerdahl said as much in an interview with Mobile Syrup published on Friday. When asked whether Apple might consider adding AirTag-like technology to its remote in the interview, the interviewer admitted the remote was lost on his sofa cushions often, Twerdahl said there because the new Siri remote is larger and therefore the requirement to use additional network devices to locate it less.


“We are super excited about AirTags and what we’re doing with [the U1 chip], and part of that power is the Find My network and the fact that we can leverage a billion devices around the world to help you find stuff,” Twerdahl said to Mobile Syrup. “To the point, [the Find My network] is the most powerful network outside of the house. Thanks to the modifications we’ve made to Siri Remote — including making it larger and more robust so that it doesn’t get on your sofa cushions as much — that requires the other devices on the network to discover it’s smaller.”

If you haven’t yet tried the brand-new Siri device, the Verge mentions that Twerdahl has some points and the remote appears to be couch-proof.

While I’m not a Siri remote user, however, as the owner of a hefty and dumb remote, I’d like to remind you that simply because a remote may be larger doesn’t mean that it is more accessible when you’re in need of it. My remote was taken from my couch, concealed by piles of laundry (which often end up in the sofa), and was kidnapped by the paper piles that are scattered throughout my home. (Don’t judge. It’s a pandemic, you know!). There are instances when I’d like an option to be able to determine the exact location it was. An airbag could be a solution.


While Apple didn’t make the irritated Siri remote owners content this time, a few chose to create their own AirTag Remote Tracking system real at least in relation to older-generation remotes. Since the AirTags were announced on April 1, clever developers have come up with a case for remotes that allows you to put an AirTag onto the rear of an earlier Siri remote.

When you consider that alternatives available on the internet include Velcro with double-sided tape, double-sided tape, or sticky silicones, this appeared to be the best and the most beautiful choice. Naturally, you can be sure to put the remote on a desk, place it inside a bag or come up with a method to ensure it doesn’t disappear. I’m not sure if I’ve mastered this, but that does not mean that you cannot.

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