How To Randomize Pokemon Sword?

Do you want to get a customized experience in Pokemon Sword or any of the Pokemon games? Then it is important for you to know how to randomize Pokemon Sword because that is the way in which you will be able to get a whole new experience from your same old game.

There are so many Pokemon-based games that you will find out there to play and every one of them is quite worth playing. While you would have already played many such Pokemon Games, you can also get a different experience from the same games which is possible with the help of a randomizer.

To randomize Pokemon Sword, you need to get a ROM and an emulator on your Windows or Mac, then download the Universal Randomizer app on your system. Install the app and open it after extracting the file. Here you can randomize all the aspects of your ROM that you want to and then save the settings.

Let us know all the possible ways in which you can randomize Pokemon Sword, and in the same manner, you will be able to randomize any other Pokemon game you play.

How To Randomize Pokemon Sword?

The first thing you need to know about randomizing a Pokemon game is that this is possible only if you are playing your game on a Windows computer, for other devices, it won’t work.

Let us check out the way in which you can randomize your game Pokemon Sword and Shield in some lengthy but simple steps.

For this method, you need to first make sure that you have an Emulator as well as a ROM. So, install an emulator on your Windows or Mac before you do anything else.

The next thing that you are going to need is a Universal Randomizer app that you can download for your operating system from your device’s web browser.

The universal Randomizer is the app that supports randomizing Pokemon Games from generations one to five. Once you have downloaded the app, install it.

In the case of Windows, you have to open the ZIP folder that has been downloaded. Then click on Extract and then click on Extract all. Then, again click Extract.

If you are using Mac, you will need to have Java JDK installed and then you can just double-click the ZIP folder that has been downloaded, and then you have to wait for the folder to extract.

Then you have to double-click on the Randomizer item that you will find in this folder that you just unzipped and this will open the Universal Randomizer window.

Then, click on the “Open Rom” button over there which you will find in the top right corner which will open a File Explorer or a Finder window, then open it.

Then go to the file location of your ROM and select the file by clicking on it. Then, click on the “Open” button that is in the bottom right corner of your window. As a result of this, your ROM file will get imported to the Universal Randomizer and you will find many other randomizer options unlocked on this page.

Now, you can check the “Random” or “Randomize” box under every Pokemon heading that will randomize the game completely. You can add additional traits using the most randomized aspects.

Once you are done, just click on “Randomize” at the top right side of the screen which will save the changes you have made.

Now, just choose your save location, name the file and click on Save. You can then open your emulator and play your randomized Pokemon Sword and Shield effortlessly by clicking on “File”, then “Open” and then double-clicking your ROM.

Wrap Up

We hope that you are not going to find any kind of difficulty while randomizing Pokemon Sword and Shield on your device if you have gone thoroughly through this guide because here, the entire process has been described in detail. If there is still anything you need help with or are stuck with the randomizing process of Pokemon Sword, tell us in the comments and we shall reach out to you soon.

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