Is ROR2 Crossplay?

Hoppo Games released a third-person shooter game in August 2020 under the fighting genre named Risk of Rain 2 or ROR2. You can enjoy an amazing fighting experience on an alien planet with your friends.

But, do you enjoy this game together with your friends, even if they have different gaming platforms? Well!! For this, the game needs to be fully Crossplay compatible. Is ROR2 Crossplay?

Now, if we have to answer in one line, then No, ROR2 is not Crossplay. It means you can not play this game with your friends on different platforms.

Relax!! That’s not really a matter of concern. Get to know a full-fledged detail of ROR2 Crossplay in this article.

On Which Platforms Risk Of Rain 2 Is Available?

Risk Of Rain 2 is an online multiplier game in which you will get to see the world of Alien Planet. The player or the game’s character needs to fight with the monsters to survive on this planet.

While battling with them, players have to search for the looting items, that will be helpful for them to survive in this game till the end.

In ROR2, up to 4 players can play together in this game via its multiplayer mode. Following are the platforms, on which the Risk of Rain 2 is available-

  1. Nintendo Switch
  2. Microsoft Windows
  3. PlayStation 4
  4. Xbox One
  5. Google Stadia 

Apart from these consoles, ROR2 can also be played on PlayStation5 and Xbox Series X/S. But, you can not see all the features of ROR2 on this latest generation consoles.

Is ROR2 Crossplay? Explore The Truth!!

Crossplay is something very important feature in online multiplayer games. Nowadays, games should be multiplayer as well as crossplay to get an overwhelmingly positive response from the audience.

But, if we talked about the Risk Of Rain 2, then, it is an online multiplayer game, but unfortunately, ROR2 does not support the Crossplay feature. It means you are not able to join your friends to play this game together by having a different console.

Is Risk Of Rain 2 Cross-Play PC?

If you want to crossplay ROR2 PC with other consoles, then you are not able to do so. Because PC players can not connect with the console players for ROR2. Only PC players will be able to play together.

In its previous update, even the PC players are not even able to play the game on different Storefronts. But, in its recent update, you can play the game together on PC with different Storefronts too.

ROR2 is available on both PC Steam and Epic Games Store. When the multiplayer mode of this game is opened, you will be asked to link the Steam and Epic Store accounts together.

Just enable it and invite your friend to play this game together with you on the PC.

Is ROR2 Crossplay Xbox One?

No, Xbox One players can not crossplay the ROR2 game with the other console or PC players. But, Cross-Generation is possible for Xbox One.

Yes, the Xbox One players are allowed to join with their teammates for the game who are having the latest generation of Xbox (Xbox Series X/S).

Is ROR2 Crossplay PlayStation? [PS4 Or PS5]

Again, a Big No. Like Xbox, you can not play the ROR2 with your friends who have a console different from PlayStation. No, matter, if you have PS4 or PS5, Crossplay with other consoles or PCs is restricted for you.

However, PS4 and PS5 players are able to play the game together, due to the Cross-Progression technique.

Is ROR2 Crossplay Switch? Cross-Generation In Nintendo Switch

No, there is no Crossplay as well as the Cross-Progression in ROR2 for Nintendo Switch. Only the Switch players can together join this game.

Will ROR2 Be Crossplay In The Future? 

Hoppo Games is a group of limited members, due to which they are not able to update the Crossplay feature for ROR2. Also, the coding for the Crossplay can be quite tough.

So, right now, Hoppo Games has not made any announcement about making the ROR2 Crossplay compatible with all the platforms.

But, due to the increasing demand for Crossplay games, we will be able to see the Risk of Rain 2 as a Crossplay soon in the future.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Rain Of Risk 2 Cross-Generation?

Yes, Rain of Risk 2 does support the Cross-Generation feature. Due to this, you are able to play the game together with your friends having the same platform but with different generations.

For Example- PS4 players can play the ROR2 together with their PS5 friends because of Cross-Generation compatibility.

Is Rain Os Risk 2 Cross-Progression?

Cross-progression is another feature of online gaming. Due to this feature, the players can be able to check their in-game progress as well as unlock the rewards on different platforms.

Your rewards and gaming progress history will easily be transferred to the other consoles if your game has the Cross-Progression feature.

But, unfortunately, as of right now, Rain Of Risk 2 does not support the Cross-Progression feature.

What Was The Release Date Of Risk Of Rain 2?

Risk Of Rain 2 was released on 11 August 2020. Developed and Published by Hoppo Games and Gearbox Publishing.

Is Risk Of Rain 1 Cross Platform?

No, Risk Of Rain is not cross-platform.


No doubt, Crossplay games are already in great demand in the market. But, despite having no Crossplay functionality, ROR2, still maintains its position in the market as well as in the hearts of its audience.

With this, we conclude this article on this note, that currently, Risk Of Rain 2 does not support crossplay, but maybe in the coming time we will be able to see its Crossplay functionality.

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