Rune Factory 5 Fuuka Gifts – Get Close To Your Favorite Character

Is Fuuka the one you want to increase your friendship with in Rune Factory 5? Then you must be aware that the gifts play an important significance in this aspect. So, if you know the most suitable Rune Factory 5 Fuuka gifts, no one can stop you from winning over this character in the game. 

Simulation games are getting quite popular recently, and if you have tried Rune Factory 5, the amazing farming and dating simulator, you know the fun of playing such games. Here you play the character who has lost their memory and has finally joined SEED which is a group of rangers in Rigbarth, a small town. Now you have to complete several tasks for the natives as well as maintain peace by battling monsters. 

The best Rune Factory 5 Fuuka gifts are Emeralds which are her favorite. Apart from this, any kind of fish or gems is also a great choice for Fuuka’s gift. The most suitable gifts include Golden Salmon, Marlin, and Golden Octopus alongside Emerald. There are a few other items that can also be used as gifts.

We guess you don’t only want to know the items that should be gifted to Fuuka, but also the ones that should strictly not be used as gifts for Fuuka, so keep reading to gain all the necessary information regarding Fuuka in Rune Factory 5. 

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Rune Factory 5 Fuuka Gifts

There is a total of 27 characters available in Rune Factory 5 and we know that you would have a favorite one among them. And if that ONE is Fuuka, then you need to know its likes and dislikes in the game so that you can impress it and raise your friendship level with this character easily. 

The main trouble lies in the fact that we don’t know what present the other character would prefer to have. You also probably don’t know what would be liked by Fuuka as a gift, right? 

However, if you focus carefully on the game, there will be certain instances when Fuuka will itself drop hints while talking to you that you can use to understand what gift it would like to have, but if you do not want to stress over this, we have already done good research over this matter to let you know the most suitable gifts for Fuuka in Rune Factory 5 right away. 

Well, Fuuka is the main character in the storyline of Rune Factory 5. Fuuka is basically a were-animal traveler who traveled from one country to the other and ultimately ended up in Rigbarth. Fuuka has gone through a lot of struggles throughout her life but has eventually accepted them in a jolly manner. 

Fuuka is working on learning the human language and has the ability to find out if someone is lying even though she is not well-equipped with their language. 

Fuuka works in Elsje’s restaurant as a part-timer and gets along well with Priscilla, Elsje’s sister who can understand her better. (As a piece of additional information, we think you should know that Fuuka’s birthday is on Summer 29)

The first, and the most important thing that Fuuka loves is “Fish”. In fact, she loves fish so much that she even dreams of it. Apart from this, Fuuka is also very fond of gems. So, these two items can be said to be the most prioritized things to be gifted to Fuuka.

Let us know all the important items in detail. 

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1. Gifts that Fuuka loves

Marlin, Emerald, Golden Octopus, and Golden Salmon

2. Gifts that Fuuka likes

All gems, all fish, all crystal flowers, love crystal, the gold, silver, platinum, crystal skull.

3. Gifts that Fuuka dislikes

Green pepper rex, green pepper, carrot, royal carrot, weeds, pickles, pickled turnips, withered grass, rock, branch, can, rare can, scrap metal, boot, failed dish, object X, disgusting food.

4. Gifts that Fuuka hates

Pickle mix, onion, ultra onion.

So, you now know that the most favorite item for Fuuka is Emeralds. Apart from that, any kind of fish or gems will also work. You can easily get fish in Rune Factory 5 even at the beginning of the game in the right locations. 

As for the gems, you will need to unlock the dungeons that have mineable gems and then look inside them for the rocks that have been covered in green gems and obtain them from there. 

Wrap Up

We hope that now you are well acknowledged with all the items that you should gift to Fuuka as well as all the items that should specifically be avoided when you plan to give Fuuka a present. Follow this guide and find a good gift to please Fuuka and increase your friendship with this great character in the game.

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