Sea of Thieves – Tips and Tricks to Use on the Seas

Want to know how to win the sea of thieves? Here are the most basic tips and tricks that help you win the game quickly. The Sea of Thieves game is not a cup of tea. But it can become easier for your teammates and you if you follow the tricks. All you need is to stay longer and get all the loot to kill enemies faster.

Additionally, you need to coordinate with your team to get the lead and stay ahead of the competitors. Most important, you have to be ready with a backup plan and stay focused. So let’s not waste time here and read about all the tricks and tips to get into the game and win. 

Let’s take a look and follow the hacks to play Sea of Thieves 

  1. Make a Team 

The ship needs the best crew members because your chances of winning the game will improve if you have terrific crews. If you don’t have teammates, don’t be afraid to make new friends from discord groups, open crews, social media, etc. 

The sailing ship can work with a random crew and even solo. It depends on you how you take advantage of the game. By making new friends, you eventually improve the winning odds. Moreover, there will be fewer chances of attack. For solo players, the game is quite challenging. 

  1. Set Multiple Goals for Different Sessions 

The biggest mistake players make while playing the game is not setting the goals for different sessions. Accomplishing one goal at one time may be a fatal mistake. This is the only reason you need to be active and play games faster. The Sea of Thieves game is more about chasing rather than getting the gold. 

It’s challenging and adventurous at the same time and has become better than before. First, however, you need to set multiple goals and get ready with the to-do list.

  • Try to be a better cook.
  • Beat all the commendations 
  • Defeats the world event 
  • Aim to be better with cannons
  • Finish the entire tall tales 
  • Catch some fishes 
  • Learn about how to do the sword lunges 
  • Gain all the levels within plunder pass 
  • Catch fishes from the ocean 
  • Repair the holes in the ship 
  1. Get all the Loot 

The majority of the game of Sea of Thieves is about getting the loot and putting them in different places to protect them from pirates. The practice of getting all the loot and moving them to hide from the pirates is a lot of fun and adventurous. However, in this game, you need to try to be faster than your enemy pirates to collect the things. 

You should be more competent enough to place the things at a private location or in the place where you put your chests. Moreover, you can also tuck them behind the ship wheel and even behind the balcony of the captain’s quarters. 

The enemy pirates are smarter enough to travel down and damage your ship to sink it. So, it would be great to keep your stuff above the bottom level. For more information, you can visit Battlelog.

  1. Communicate Quickly With The Team 

The game is about coordination and communication with the team. The faster you communicate more easily you accomplish the task. You can text chat with your teammates, voice chat, and use other communication ways. Constant communication can help complete a task and allow teammates to help others faster. 

  1. Keep On Experimenting

Last but not least, keep on experimenting. Every team member has their role, such as repairing the ships, explorer, cannon, boarder, spotter, cook, fisherman, etc. It’s okay to experiment with different roles and jobs. 

Bottom Line 

This is all about the tips and tricks that you can follow to win the game. Most importantly, you need to quickly find out the location of the Reaper Ships, Emissary ships, and deathmatch ships when you’re at level 5 of the game. Do not forget to follow the map. It’s going to be an amazing tool and not to be ignored. 

However, if your crew members are planning to move to the island to face a challenge with the boss, don’t make such a move unless you are completely out of danger. However, do ensure to keep one team member on the ship to keep a check on the map. In addition to this, follow the above hacks to be on safer mode and win the game.

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