Selena Green Vargas Overview, Family, Boyfriend

On the wide field of the internet, amidst a lot of stories that people become fascinated with. One such story pertains to Selena Green Vargas, an American model and adult film actress who received unexpected attention in 2015. Her appearance in the controversy for a picture featuring an alleged Navy Seal officer exposed her to the limelight, but she does not seem to be here after that. This article ventures deeper into the mysterious life of Selena Green Vargas, who is currently nowhere to be found.

Selena Green Vargas: A Brief Profile

Full NameSelena Green Vargas
Date of Birth19 July 1990
Zodiac Sign Cancer
Age33 years (as of 2024)
Place of BirthBellflower, California
Current ResidenceNew York
Body Measurements32-25-32 inches
Hair Colour, Eye ColourBlonde, Brown
Height5’6″ (167 cm)
Weight120 lbs (54 kgs)
ProfessionAdult film actress and model
Relationship StatusSingle

Selena Green Vargas: Early Life and Career

In Bellflower, California, Selena Green Vargas gave birth on 19 July 190. After her modelling career almost materialized, she went into the adult film industry. Though she was not in the adult entertainment industry for too long, her achievements were substantial, and some were unrelated to her professional career.

The Interesting Story of the Disputed Photo

In 2015, Selena Green Vargas was the subject of a controversy surrounding an accused Navy officer. A photo was uploaded anonymously on 4chan of the uniformed man who had supposedly gone through Navy Seal training. However, the investigation brought to light some discrepancies, and thus, Vargas was accused of making up everything. The scandal added a touch of intrigue to her public image.

The Rise to Internet Sensation

Selena Green Vargas carried her career in adult films forward, gaining acknowledgement for her videos on streaming platforms. But her latest activity goes as far back as June 2020. Afterwards, after the scandals and public attention, she decided to go into hiding from all social media sites.

Selena Green Vargas’ Net Worth

According to some reports, Selena Green Vargas’ net worth is $500,000. She mainly earns from being an adult film actress and model.

Social Media Presence and Disappearance

Although there are Instagram and TikTok accounts related to Selena Green Vargas, their credibility must be verified. In response to the scandals, she made her Twitter account private and deleted her TikTok accounts while retreating from public.

Height, Body Measurements & Size.

Selena Green Vargas is 5 feet 6 inches tall and weighs 120 pounds. The measurements of her body are also given as 32-25-34 inches. She had blonde hair and brown eyes, features that made her unique.

Current Whereabouts: The Unanswered Question

The greatest mystery surrounding Selena Green Vargas is her current location. After her absence from social media, her fans and the rest of us are left guessing about how events in life have taken place for them. The reasons for her quick withdrawal from publicity remain a subject of speculation.

Selena Green Vargas’ Quick Facts

Selena’s shoe size is 8 (US).

She continues to be among the most-watched porn stars.

Selena has revealed little or no details about her life as a private being.


Selena Green Vargas could weave intrigue, controversy, and mystery into her story. She is an enigmatic being from her ascension to prominence in adult movies until today’s mysterious circumstances surrounding that photo. Among questions over her current life, Selena Green Vargas remains an object of fascination for all users worldwide, contributing the internet to its unusual features.

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