Tec-9 Warzone Loadout | Best Attachments for TEC-9 in COD: Warzone

TEC-9 is an amazing SMG to use in Warzone. There are many loadout options available for this gun. Following all of them may not be a good choice. So which loadout should you exactly pursue?

We have come up with this answer. Among all the available loadouts, here you’ll find the best TEC-9 warzone loadout which is mostly used and recommended by professional COD players. 

TEC-9 was added to COD in season 5. With a high fire rate, faster aiming, and a few other exciting perks, this gun becomes a favorite submachine gun for many gamers. TEC-9 has all the things that a true gamer expects from an SMG. It has three different firing types, single shot, burst shot, and auto shot.

Still, TEC-9 can be upgraded if we add some attachments, which include barrel, stock, ammunition, etc. Below you will find the exact information of attachments that you should choose.

Best Warzone Loadout for TEC-9 SMG

Although it may not compete against machine guns, TEC-9 still brings the true SMG experience in competition. As we know SMGs are perfect for short-range fights, but the loadout we are going to disclose can be used in both short-range as well medium-range combats.

TEC-9 Warzone Attachments

MuzzleFull Auto Repeater
Barrel8.1″ Task Force
StockRaider Stock
LaserTiger Team Spotlight
AmmunitionStanag 48 Rnd

These attachments will help TEC-9 in many conditions. For example, the normal TEC-9 comes with a single fire. So, the Full Auto Repeater allows it to work like all SMGs. The Tiger Team Spotlight will help in movement speed. To make sure you don’t lose ammo, the Stanag 48 round will make sure that you have plenty of ammo.


This is the best multiplayer TEC-9 loadout to use in Warzone. As TEC-9 is an SMG and is mostly used in short-range scenarios, you need to equip one with long-range sniper rifles or assault rifles for a better gaming experience.

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