The Controversy Over Sponsorship in Australian Rugby Explained

Rugby finds it difficult to fend off the financial backing from the gaming industry. The argument around gambling businesses supporting sports teams is becoming more heated in the United Kingdom. Naturally, the sponsorship deals the blog online casino has in place for a number of sports, not just rugby, attract clients.

This sector has sponsored numerous sports, from snooker to soccer, during the previous 10 years. Rugby teams with a sizable fan following are searching for a sponsor prepared to make a financial commitment. Sports betting, online casino games, and other lucrative gambling enterprises are willing to spend a lot of money to promote their brands, especially among sports lovers.

In truth, just as in the 1970s and 1980s, modern teams and competitions are closely linked to the gambling industry. The problem lies in the fact that young people idolize professional athletes. It is understandable why some people believe that sports are being forced to undersell themselves and why some organizations are unwilling to take the sponsorship money that gaming companies are giving. Others choose to imitate the dominant league.

However, at the moment, more than two-thirds of English rugby union clubs get at least some form of financial support from gambling companies. Some contend that the lack of any regulated internet gaming infrastructure reduces betting companies’ interest in the Australian market. Contrary to what most people think, this is untrue.

Controversy Over Sponsorship in Australian Rugby

A developing reality

Australians are renowned for their love of gambling, whether it’s a dollar at the slots or a gamble on a rugby match. Numerous of the hundreds of online gambling companies fighting for a larger piece of the Australian market are keen to take advantage of any sponsorship opportunities that may present themselves.

The Brumbies, for example, secured a six-year sponsorship partnership with Aquis in 2015, with Aquis serving as the team’s major shirt sponsor. Even though they no longer have a gambling corporation as their principal sponsor, they nonetheless promoted the entertainment and betting company TABCORP as a partner last year after their funding ran out. Australia’s rugby scene is dealing with similar issues.

Other Australian sports organizations are choosing to forego these kinds of sponsorship deals, according to certain teams. In an effort to eliminate the connection between sports and gambling, two NRL clubs have joined nine other teams from different sports in New South Wales. The organization goes by the name Reclaim the Game.

When considered in the perspective of the greater world, that seems unlikely. Currently, casual fans gamble more on rugby than ever before, and the same is true for other sports like cricket, football, and soccer. Market forces will likely ultimately win, and betting companies will continue to participate in the sponsorship industry until the legislation is changed to prevent them.


Teams no longer permit gambling company advertisements on billboards in their venues, and they have stripped any gambling endorsements off their team uniforms.

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