The Most Hated Video Game Characters Whom You Will Not Like At All

After playing a lot of online video games, has it ever happened to you that some characters of the game are set up in your mind? There are two reasons for this to happen. One is that the character was very good and the other is that the character is very much annoying. So let us today check out some most hated video game characters ever.

What makes those characters annoying? Those hated characters stick in our minds because of their constant chatter, unpleasant voices, pointless conversations, harsh fighting powers, superiority complexes, and irritating laughing, or other noises. 

Do you know of any such characters? Or What are the most hated video games characters? If you want to know, then here in this article we make a list of some of those characters that are hated by most of the players.

Following is the list of most hated video game characters:

  • General Shepherd (COD- Modern Warfare 2)
  • Teemo (League of Legends)
  • Sarah Palmer (Halo)
  • Claptrap (Borderlands)
  • Codsworth (Fall Out 4)

The Most Hated Video Game Characters Whom You Will Not Like At All

 General Shepherd (COD- Modern Warfare 2)

A true soldier, General Shepherd is in charge of the Marines, Rangers, and the renowned Task Force 141 attack force. He directs the activities of Captains and the rest of the crew in modern warfare.

Shepherd did all he could to establish himself as a national hero, even forming his private army dubbed “Shadow Company” and inciting a conflict between the United States and Russia.

Unfortunately, he lost interest in playing the good soldier and went rogue. Later, he rose to become the most hated video game character.

Teemo (League of Legends)

The fuzzy yordle Teemo is one of the characters if you have played League of Legends. He is hazy. His attire is adorable. He has a nice face. Even his poisonous mushroom is adorable. His entire look is adorable.

Why does it come under the list of most hated video game characters? Because he is a trickster and has the ability to become invisible, blind, and poison you. You end up walking on his mushroom and dying if you try to flee from him or follow him, and his laugh is also very annoying.

Sarah Palmer (Halo)

Sarah Palmer is a cool person. In the Spartan Hierarchy, she is the highest ranking female commander. She looks amazing at first but later after knowing her some features look irritating to me.

She does not have a strong personality. In addition, while being a woman and a commander with the potential to be an amazing figure, She has a light and sometimes boring personality.

Claptrap (Borderlands)

A claptrap is a kind of robot that was introduced in the game Borderlands. He was immediately adored or despised by Borderland players. At first, everybody thinks he is a robot, so he must be cute. Even if Claptrap is a little battered, he is cute, but still very annoying.

Claptrap is renowned for being too exuberant, needy of attention, and alone. He speaks a lot and boasts, although he’s not nearly as arrogant as Codswarth.

I had a lot of sympathy for the lonely robots who had been given this irritating personality, but not enough to stop me from being irritated by them.

Codsworth (Fall Out 4)

In Fall Out 4, Mister Handy Codswarth made his debut as a household model. Codsworth inspired us to start playing when we initially started the game. Yes, he is the only reason why the majority of us began playing. The endearing robot friend and the evocative soundtrack piqued my curiosity about the game. 

That was a huge mistake. Even though he is initially helpful in the game, Codsworth is one of the most horrible teammates I have ever had the misfortune of playing with.


These are some of the most hated video game characters that seem to be cute and amazing at the start of the game, but soon as to continue the game, these characters are turned out to be annoying and the most irritated characters you have ever seen. These are only 5 hated characters, but the list of most hated characters of video games s not ended here. If you want to know more characters, then comment to us in the comment section. We will surely make the list if more hated characters again.

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