The Rise of Mobile Casino Gambling in South Africa

The South African mobile gambling industry has seen a rise over the past decade, largely due to increased smartphone usage. A rise in smartphone use has provided a wealth of possibilities for mobile casinos and sportsbook companies who want to expand into South Africa.

More than 300 million Africans used smartphones in 2019and accounted for the market of $15 billion. In the past decade, we saw the growth of 400% of mobile Internet subscriptions within the Sub-Saharan region. Today 5G smartphone usage is growing all over Africa.

Additionally, most African populace is younger, which accounts for the growth of mobile gaming in the country. Experts predict that the African young population will continue to grow over the next few years and result in a base of consumers exceeding the 200 million who gamble on their mobile. All of these indicators point to the fact that there is a bright future ahead of gambling in the African mobile gaming industry.

Top 10 South African Mobile Casinos and Bonuses in 2022

Are you ready to start playing mobile with us in South Africa? Or are you a veteran South African player looking for the best mobile casinos for 2022?

Our gambling experts have selected the top South African mobile casinos of 2022. They’ve carefully vetted the casinos on mobile and confirmed that they have the most effective casino promotions, games, bonuses, and customer support.

The following is a listing of the most popular South African mobile casinos in 2022, along with their exclusive bonus offers which have been determined by the most popular mobile casino guide

#Mobile CasinoWelcome Bonus PackageBonus Code
1Springbok CasinoR350 Free No Deposit Bonus + R11,500 FreeNDC350
2Europa CasinoR375 Free No Deposit Bonus + R24,000 FreeN/A (Automatic)
3ZAR CasinoR500 Free No Deposit Bonus + R15,000 FreeNDC500
4Thunderbolt CasinoR350 Free No Deposit Bonus + R10,000 FreeNDC350
5Yeti CasinoR200 Free No Deposit Bonus + R3,333 FreeN/A (Automatic)
6Punt CasinoR200 Free No Deposit Bonus + R10,000 FreeNDC200
7Yebo CasinoR350 Free No Deposit Bonus + R12,000 FreeNEW350
8Casino TropezR100 Free No Deposit Bonus + R5,000 FreeN/A (Automatic)
9African Grand CasinoR500 Free No Deposit Bonus + R100,000 FreeGRAND500
10Spin 247 CasinoR200 Free No Deposit Bonus + R3,000 FreeN/A (Automatic)

Why Mobile Gambling Skyrocketed in South Africa

Sportsbooks and mobile casinos have already taken over a huge portion of the African gaming market. Based on, Africans accounted for 11 percent of Internet users worldwide. The amount of Africans who connect to the Internet via tablets and mobile phones is growing due to mobile devices and broadband Internet subscriptions are becoming more affordable and available to more Africans.

The largest African casinos are Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya. As per the Pocket Gamer overview of 2021 Gamblers made $290 million playing mobile games at casinos within South Africa alone.

Here are a few reasons for the rise of mobile gaming within South Africa:

South Africans Love to Bet: South African love for betting is the primary factor behind the mobile gambling popularity. Betting on sports has been a long-standing aspect of South African lifestyle and culture. South Africans do not bet solely for entertainment, but also to earn money and provide for their families.

Over 50percent of South Africans gamble regularly, while the remaining make occasional bets. Utilizing mobile devices to bet on sporting events or casinos is an option that is convenient for the majority of South Africans.

Covid-19 Pandemic: Mobile gaming and betting on the internet apps have seen a rise due to the Covid-19 epidemic and its limitations on all people in the world. Many South Africans found themselves unemployed and confined to their home at this point.

Youths were able to take part in betting on sports games using their smartphones to relax and make a little money. While the lockdowns were in place they had more time to study strategies for betting and methods to anticipate the outcome of games.

Betting Culture: The practice of playing online casinos games, watching sporting events , and betting on them are part of South African lifestyle and culture. The most popular games within South Africa include horse racing and football, rugby and golf, to name only a few. With the rise of smartphones throughout South Africa, locals naturally began to bet and play games at casinos online while traveling.

Here are some information and figures that show the increasing popularity of mobile betting applications and mobile gambling across South Africa:

  • 71% of the adult population of South Africa play mobile casino games.
  • The mobile gamblers of South Africa spend 4+ hours each day playing on their mobiles and tablets.
  • Genres like racing, action, adventure, and sports are very popular throughout South Africa.
  • While watching TV, more than 50 percent of South Africans play games.

How to Choose South African Mobile Gambling Sites

There is no need to pick mobile casinos by yourself in South Africa because our experts have picked the best South African mobile casinos. We suggest you pick one of our mobile casinos from our extensive list.

Here are some of the factors to take into consideration when choosing the best mobile casino for South Africa:

Games and Software: Sign up to mobile casinos that have sportsbooks and games from various software providers.

Safety and Security: You should play only with licensed online casinos as they employ the latest digital encryption technology and have the latest anti-fraud strategies to ensure an unsecure and safe online gambling.

Online Reputation Discussion of the mobile casino with existing players on social network websites and gambling forums online to learn other players’ opinions about it.

Promotions and bonuses Join mobile casinos that offer huge bonuses, low bets, profitable promotions, and tournaments with huge prizes.

Customer Support: Make sure that the mobile casino offers 24/7 live support and toll-free phone help to South African players.

South African Mobile Gaming Industry – Challenges

Although the South African mobile gaming industry has a bright future, it faces several issues that could limit its development.

First of all, most South African gamblers do not have the most recent smartphones. They still use Edge, 2G, and 3G Android phones, which slow gaming speed and cause frustration.

Operators must consider issues like low internet speed when they wish to offer South African players a good mobile gaming experience that is enhanced by interaction with the game.

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South Africa Mobile Casino FAQs

Q: Is Online Gambling Legal in South Africa?

There are numerous types of online gambling options to South African players. As per South African gambling legislation, casinos on the internet aren’t allowed to be situated within South Africa’s borders. However, most casino mobiles are offshore, and millions of gamblers visit these casinos every month without worrying. Find out further about South African Online Gambling Law

Q: Can I Play at Online Casinos in Rand (ZAR)?

A: Yes you can. Being able to play in Rands will save you from costly conversion costs. It’s the currency you are comfortable with, and you can transfer and withdraw funds with no hassle.

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