Is Tribes of Midgard crossplay in 2024?

Tribes of Midgard is an exciting brand new survival-action game that draws Norse mythology’s inspiration. It includes Giants, Dark Elves, and many other mythical foes. But, since it is a multiplayer game, we need to first know, if Tribes of Midgard is crossplay or not.

Players have to fight the creatures by accumulating materials during the day to create tools, then fight them at night in the game Tribes of Midgard. It is possible to play this game by oneself, however, there is the option of playing with your friends. The maximum number of players that can team up and fight waves of foes together is ten.

Although being a multiplayer game, Tribes of Midgard doesn’t support the crossplay feature which means that you cannot play the game online with your friends unless all of you are using the same type of gaming console. But, there is something more that you will find interesting about this game.

To know in detail about Tribes of Midgard and its crossplay feature, you must go through the entire article.

Is Tribes Of Midgard Crossplay In 2022?

No, as for now, the game Tribes of Midgard does not currently allow Crossplay. The action-survival game will likely include Crossplay soon.

However, as per the official Twitter account of Tribes of Midgard, the game has the feature of cross-save along with the cross-gen multiplayer option. This means that if you are playing the game on your PS4, you can play it online with a player who has a PS5.

Also, if you used to play Tribes of Midgard on your PS4 and have now bought a PS5, you can transfer your game to the new console and its progress will be saved as a result of which you will be able to continue playing the game from where you had left off.

This, in other words, means that tribes of Midgard crossplay ps4 ps5 players can mix and mix playstyles and classes in any way they’d like. This is bad news for gamers who play on portable devices; however, since Tribes of Midgard did not launch on the Nintendo Switch, there haven’t been any optimistic Reddit posts or similar to suggest there is a Switch port currently in the works.

If the players are in the middle of purchasing Tribes of Midgard and are turned off by its absence of crossplay support, the announcement of developers exploring crossplay support may convince them to buy the game.

It’s still a great solo game, and when players get to know one another shortly, they’ll be able to plunge straight into the fun game without worrying about rookie mistakes or the best way to unlock all classes.

Will Tribes Of Midgard Be Crossplay?

One developer posted on r/tribesofmidgard in response to the question of a Redditor who was curious about Crossplay about two months before release.

The developer clarified that, while Tribes of Midgard would not feature Crossplay when it launches, Norsfell Games is looking into the possibility of adding Crossplay and will inform the community if and when it becomes feasible. This gives us some hope that the crossplay feature will soon be in this game too.

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Norsfell Games is a relatively small-sized company, so it’s great to see that the company recognizes the need for crossplay support.

There was no reason why Crossplay shouldn’t be possible, however, it’s likely to be because of Sony’s displeasure with Crossplay, given that Sony has recently softened its stance on being opposed to crossplay games that are available for the PS4 or PS5.

Wrap Up

That’s it for now, even though we don’t have complete crossplay for Tribes of Midgard, the cross-gen gameplay gives us a little support as well as hope that the feature can be expanded to different platforms as well.

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