Try these dice games next time you are in the online casino 

One of the significant benefits of playing casino games online as opposed to in a physical casino is the superior choice of games available to you. An online platform doesn’t have the same space limitations as one made of bricks and mortar, and that is particularly useful for offering a wider range of table games.  

Your mind might go immediately to the most common ones like roulette, blackjack and poker. But dice games are also a long-established casino staple. They might not be as common as roulette and card games in the west, but in places like Macau, they are enjoying a revival in popularity that is likely to spread both physically and in cyberspace. Popular US casinos like the ones at focus increasingly on live casino games these days, and more dice games are starting to appear in the mix. Here are some of the most popular.  


This is the best known dice game in western casinos. James Bond even played the game in Diamonds are Forever. Beginners can find the table off-putting, and admittedly, it looks complicated at first glance. Stripping it to the basics, however, the principle is simple. First, the two dice are thrown to give a “point value.” Players then bet on whether that value will be thrown again before a seven is thrown.  

There are all sorts of side bets available, but these attract a higher house edge, so the best strategy is to keep things simple and focus on the pass line bet. Here you are betting with the dice, and the house edge is only 1.4 percent. 

Sic Bo  

If you’ve ever visited a casino in Macau, you’ll be sure to have seen Sic Bo in action. Although there are three dice instead of two, it is a simpler game than craps as you are just betting on the values thrown. Again, the table looks a little complicated but that is only because there are so many possible bets, such as a range of values, or a pair or a sequence and so on.  Give it a try and you will soon understand why it is so popular.  

Lightning Dice  

A relatively new product of the live casino age, this one also involves three dice. You bet on the total value, from three to 18, with three or 18 offering 149-1 odds, to 4-1 for 10 or 11. To add to the drama, lightning strikes will hit random numbers each game. These act as multipliers, meaning a potential return of 1000-1 on three or 18 if the lucky lightning strikes.  

Bac Bo  

If there is a single game that’s almost as popular in Macau as Sic Bo, it is baccarat. Little surprise, then, that the clever people at Evolution had the idea of combining them to create bac bo. Put simply, it is baccarat played with dice instead of cards, and the player and banker scores are decided by the total value of their two dice. There is no “third card” (or third dice) aspect to worry about, making for a simple game that flows easily.  

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