Tundra Warzone Loadout 2022| Best Attachments for Your Tundra Weapon

I see many sniper lovers are using tundra nowadays. But what’s the benefit of using it with the wrong attachments? Instead, follow this Warzone loadout for Tundra and experience the results within your gameplay.

Among all the Tundra Warzone loadouts available on the internet, how to choose the perfect one? It’s quite simple, just try and test. However, if you follow our Loadout, you may not need to switch to any other setup.

As per our suggestion for your Tundra Warzone Setup, the requisites are: Wrapped Suppressor Muzzle, Serpent Wrap Rear Grip, Royal & Kross 4x optic, 29.1-inch combat reckon barrel, Bruiser Grip Underbarrel, 7 Rnd magazine, Laser: SWAT 5mw Laser Sight, and SAS Combat Stock.

You probably also need to know the reasons behind the chosen setup for Tundra Warzone Loadout, not an issue, just keep reading and you will know why you should try such a setup for your Tundra Warzone.

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Tundra Warzone Loadout 2022

It is not always good to copy someone’s loadout and use it in your game. But when gamers are using specific attachments and if it’s bringing them some good outcomes, then we think there’s nothing wrong with giving it a try. 

There is no doubt that sniper rifles are the most efficient in Call of Duty. Among all the available snipers, Tundra also comes with several unique features.

But while playing a Battle Royale game, picking only one sniper is not going to work. You have to pick one secondary weapon too. 

As sniper will work perfectly for long-range, there should be one close-range weapon. We recommend choosing Groza with your LW3 tundra in the warzone. This combination is ideal for both close-range and long-range fights.

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Best Attachments for Tundra in Warzone

MuzzleWrapped Suppressor
OpticRoyal & Kross 4x
Barrel29.1-inch Combat Recon
Rear GripSerpent Wrap
Laser SWAT 5mw Laser Sight
UnderbarrelBruiser Grip
Magazine7 Rnd
StockSAS Combat Stock

For muzzles, the Wrapped Suppressor is the perfect attachment option. It comes with many benefits and will help Tundra increase muzzle flash concealment by suppressing your gun’s flash to make your target visible.  

For optics, you can either use Royal & Kross 4x or custom Ultrazoom. However, the custom Ultra Zoom will help you to aim from 2x to 20x.

The 29.1-inch Combat Recon Barrel will help in increasing the bullet speed to neutralize the bullet speed loss from the shrouded suppressor. 

To get aid in the mobility department, the SWAT 5mw Laser Sight will be perfect as the players will also get hip-fire accuracy with this.

Talking about the magazine, the 7 Rnd increases the reload speed. And SAS Combat Stock will help maintain the movement speed while aiming.


As already said, the tundra has some extraordinary features that other sniper rifles in Warzone may not include, such as a scope with no lens flare. But to unlock more Tundra powers, we recommend you follow this loadout.

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