Warhammer 3 How To Confederate?

How far have you come in Total War: Warhammer 3? No matter how good you are, you will probably get stuck while figuring out how to confederate in Warhammer 3. The same is the case with you too, right? But, don’t worry at all, we know the right way and will direct you to the same, so, you can trust us. 

It is time to create your armies and battle them with the others in real-time with this turn-based strategy game Total War: Warhammer 3. Have you also advanced enough to plan confederating in the game? Then this is the right place for you to read through. 

To confederate in Warhammer 3, you need to make sure that your race is similar to the faction you are planning to confederate. Also, you must have maintained a really good relationship with that state, and do not forget that you need to be having a comparatively larger army than the faction you want to confederate. 

Keep reading if you want to know in a detailed manner about confederating in Warhammer 3 and its entire process. 

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Warhammer 3 What Is Confederation?

In the majority of 4X games, total domination—often achieved through combat—is how a player “controls” a different area of the map. In the gameplay of Total War: Warhammer 3, this isn’t always the case because several diplomatic options allow for the peaceful coexistence of all races and groups. 

A method known as Confederation can be used if players want to “assimilate” an area that belongs to another group.

In this Warhammer game, Confederation essentially permits one faction to “absorb” another faction under the condition that they are of the same race. If successful, towns, units, equipment, and ancillaries belong to the player while the absorbing party vanishes.

So, in order to allow a faction in Warhammer 3 to absorb the other faction into its wing, you will need to confederate in the game, however, remember that this can happen only if both factions belong to the same race. 

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Confederation serves as a clever technique to annex another country without escalating hostilities, even if it may appear like a more “confusing” strategy than straightforward conquest. In this fictionalized version of the WH40K experience, the confederacy is also a distinctive mechanism that makes inter-country conflict more easily settled. 

For example, should two states compete against one another, the state that achieves a particular number of points gets to absorb the loser. Of course, in order to play Confederations successfully, players must comprehend specific rules and mechanics:

Players who want to absorb another nation under a Confederacy should keep in mind that it’s not only a matter of the event actually happening. To effectively Confederate the opposing party, players will probably need to complete a specified set of requirements, failing which will result in their wrath.

In order to Confederate, players must get along well with the party or state in question. Similar to previous games, this process entails engaging in actions that are “beneficial” to the target party, such as offering them gifts (Diplomatic Option – Gift) or even engaging in combat with their adversaries (Diplomatic Option – Military Alliance).

A considerably greater army is required for players that intend to Confederate another country in order to pressure it into accepting the proposition.

Despite how appealing the idea of a Confederacy could seem to players aiming to unite the factions of their race, there are drawbacks players need to take into account that could compromise their long-term goals.

The money and resources they currently possess are not needed for the federation of another country. Players must take into account the potential increase in costs that the Confederacy can bring into the fold with the new arrival given that the other nation won’t bring its resources into the Confederacy.

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Warhammer 3 How To Confederate?

Slowly “preparing” for the Confederation process is one of the finest methods to guarantee a successful “conversion” or “assimilation” of another nation or party. As an assimilating nation, you must adhere to certain rules and make sure the other side is prepared to accept the terms of the former.

Particularly in terms of long-term advantages, the positional advantage of a potential Confederacy is crucial. Players should take the location of the country into consideration while selecting a nation to start with in Confederacy. Players can then assess the potential long-term effects of confederating particular neighboring factions.

Confederating nations, for instance, is best done between opposing factions or along the border of one’s entire kingdom. Players of this fictional version of WH40K will thereafter have a “buffer zone” or additional territory to defend them. Another option is to select Confederate nations that have alliances with opposing factions so that players can sever the enemy’s defensive line.

Maintaining solid diplomatic ties with their target countries is an intriguing way players may do to get ready for a real Confederation. Target countries are now a lot simpler to assimilate because the participants are already a part of a helpful network.

Wrap Up

Hence, that’s how you confederate in Warhammer 3. We hope that this guide was helpful and you will not find any kind of difficulty in confederating in the game, however, if you still do, tell us in the comments and we shall assist you through it.

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