What Beats Tyranitar Pokemon Go 2022 – 7 Best Tyranitar Counters

Even though Tyranitar is not believed to be among the strongest Pokemon, due to its high CP, this Pokemon can be quite a tough competition for many players. Thus, it is important that a player is well aware of what beats Tyranitar in Pokemon Go. 

To beat a Tyranitar in Pokemon Go, you can choose a Pokemon that belongs to any of these types: Fairy, Grass, Water, Steel, Bug, Ground, or Fighting. However, the best choice among all these would be a Fighting Type Pokemon that can cause double the damage in comparison to the other types. There are some specific Pokemon that are the best choices for a Tyranitar battle, you can check out below. 

There are about 905 different Pokemon available in the game Pokemon Go of which some are too strong to beat, while some have a number of vulnerabilities, speaking of which, a Tyranitar comes in the latter category. Still, if the players do not implement the right technique, a mere Tyranitar can be a disastrous competitor in the battle. 

Through this article, you will be clarified about all the options you have to defeat a Tyranitar in Pokemon Go without putting much effort into it. 

What Beats Tyranitar Pokemon Go?

Whenever you go plan to beat a Pokemon in the game, it is important that you first check out all the important information regarding that Pokemon, which includes both its strengths and weaknesses. 

As for a Tyranitar, this Pokemon comes under the Rock and the Dark Type and belongs to the Larvitar family, which has three members in total. The basic evolutionary form of a Tyranitar is a Larvitar which first evolves into a Pupitar with the help of 25 candies and is further evolved into a Tyranitar by using 100 candies. 

 A Tyranitar shows strong resistance to the Pokemon that come under the following categories:

1. Dark Type

2. Normal Type

3. Ghost Type

4. Psychic Type

5. Poison Type

6. Fire Type

7. Flying Type

This means that any of the Pokemon that fall under these seven categories alone will not be able to defeat a Tyranitar. So, it is better that you, as a Pokemon Go player, do not pick any of them. 

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Moreover, the best-attacking move sets of a Tyranitar include SmackDown and Stone Edge, while the defensive ones involve SmackDown and Crunch. Thus, you will have to specially take care of these moves and build your Pokemon’s strong resistance towards them. 

Don’t worry, there are certain specific Types of Pokemon that a Tyranitar is highly vulnerable to, the list of which has been provided below. 

1. Bug Type

2. Ground Type

3. Steel Type

4. Water Type

5. Grass Type

6. Fairy Type

7. Fighting Type

Of all these, the Fighting Type Pokemon inflict the most damage to a Tyranitar, causing about 256% of it. So, if you have some Pokemon in this category, choose the one with the highest CP and you will have a great chance of winning against a Tyranitar. 

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Let us finally look through some of the best counter Pokemon for fighting against a Tyraanitar to smash it down in no time. 

1. Terrakion

Charged Attack: Sacred Sword

Fast Attack: Double Kick Fast

2. Pheromosa

Charged Attack: Focus Blast 

Fast Attack: Low Kick

3. Lucario

Charged Attack: Aura Sphere

Fast Attack: Counter

4. Urshifu

Charged Attack: Dynamic Punch

Fast Attack: Counter

5. Conkledurr

Charged Attack: Dynamic Punch

Fast Attack: Counter

6. Breloom

Charged Attack: Dynamic Punch

Fast Attack: Counter

7. Machamp

Charged Attack: Dynamic Punch

Fast Attack: Counter

The most effective one among these is Terrakion, which is 100% effective in causing damage to a Tyranitar, so if you possess one, make it into use and no one can stop you from obtaining this Rock and Dark Type Pokemon in the game. 

Wrap Up

We hope that this guide on what beats Tyranitar Pokemon Go was helpful to you and it won’t be that hard for you to decide which Pokemon you should use for a battle against a Tyranitar whenever you encounter one. Share this with your friends who also want to defeat a Tyranitar and if there is any other Pokemon you want to beat using its best counters, you can tell us in the comments. 

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