What Do The Footprints Mean In Pokemon Go?

The footprints in Pokemon Go are a crucial aspect of the game that you need to be aware of if you want to capture Ash Ketchum’s first Pokemon. But what do the footprints mean in pokemon go? 

Footprints in Pokemon Go are the tiny footstep tracks that appear in the nearby pokemon list. You can find out which Pokemon are close to you from the footprints. 

What Do The Footprints Mean In Pokemon Go?

After hearing the word footprints in Pokemon Go, everyone thinks that footprints are what players leave outside while searching for a Pokemon. Sorry to say, but that’s not the correct answer.

The correct answer is that, in Pokemon Go, there are shadows of pokemon in the bottom right corner of the screen, along with some little footprints.

Basically, the best approach to determine which pokemon are close to your present location is to use the box in the corner of the screen. The box can be quickly opened up to fully display all the creatures nearby, along with a number of footprints next to each figure. These footprints are essentially a way to determine what is around and their general location.

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How Many Types Of Footprints Are There In Pokemon Go?

There is a total of 4 footprints in pokemon go.

One Footprint

The Pokemon is about 10 meters away from where you are right now.

Two Footprints

The Pokemon is about 100 meters away from where you are right now.

Three Footprints

Within 1000 meters, the Pokemon is present from the current location. In an effort to capture the desired pokemon, players should follow a trial and keep an eye out to see if the footprints are ultimately reduced to two, then to one. Go back to the beginning and just choose a different path if the footprints don’t get smaller.

No Footprints 

The Pokemon is getting very near and should appear soon.

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You must know this information regarding the footprints in pokemon go. Footprints basically are used to find the location of pokemon from your current location. So, you would make an estimate of how close you are to which pokemon and how long you can reach it. You can also catch Pokemon of Ash Ketchum, from footprints by finding out its location. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What does Pokecoins mean in Pokemon Go?

Pokecoins are the game’s cash that may be used to buy a variety of exciting items from the in-game store, including Modules and bigger collection bags. Either you may purchase them with actual money or you can them by winning in the game. 

What happens when a player reaches Level 5 in Pokemon Go?

Your trainer can finally enter Pokemon Gyms and engage in combat with other trainers after they reach level 5. You can keep your pokemon there and become a Gym defender by visiting a gym that, gaining control of one that matches the color of your team or the color of the other team.

What do the Paw Prints mean in Pokemon Go?

The game notifies you when a pokemon or a group of pokemon are around, and it even gives you helpful cues as to whether you are moving closer to or farther away from a pokemon. Paw Prints that show up beneath neighboring pokemon or next to the pokemon you have chosen serve as these discreet cues.

How does the pokemon tracker work?

You will see a list of pokemon and pokestops on your screen. That list will make tracking your pokemon much easier. You need only go to that pokestop to locate the pokemon you are seeking. To find out which pokestop it is, touch on the icon for that pokestop in the Nearby screen.

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