what happened to digger on moonshiners | Is digger sick

If you are a fan of the show Moonshiners, then you might have seen the latest episode where Digger revealed his health condition. You should read this article to get detailed information about his illness.

Moonshiners is a popular American TV show on Discovery Channel. The show is based on two best friends Mark and Digger, who are legends in the Moonshine industry. They make Moonshine drinks and share the recipes on the show.

Unfortunately, Digger has been diagnosed with a very serious blood disorder known as Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia. You might be wondering whether it is curable or is Digger dying, all your questions are covered in this article.

Who Is Digger?

Eric Digger Manes, commonly known as “Digger” is well-known for appearing on the famous TV show on Discovery Channel called Moonshiners. Digger and his partner Mark Ramsey, make Moonshine, and their journey is shared via TV show.

At a very young age, Digger has learned and mastered the skill of making Moonshine. It is a very popular traditional alcoholic drink that is illegal to make at home. But both of them are making this drink under a company named Sugarland Distilling Company which makes it legal. 

What Happened To Digger On Moonshiners?

Even though Digger and his partner Mark are making Moonshine under a legal company, there are instances when they make it illegally. So the fear of getting arrested is always there. They are never caught by the police because the show is aired almost after a month and there is no evidence against them.

Digger has faced a lot of problems and issues in making the show successful. He is sharing the recipes to make Moonshine at home. However, it is illegal to make yet many people are making and distributing the drink. Digger has also faced some health issues which he has revealed in one of the episodes. 

Is Digger Sick? 

In the recent episode of Moonshiners, Digger Manes has revealed that he has been suffering from some disease. It might be the time for him to retire from his position and leave the show. Fans have been supporting him and praying for his health and early recovery.

Digger is suffering from a disease called Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL), which he revealed in the 13th season of The Moonshiners. He clarified to his fans that the disease is not incurable. There are high chance that he will survive if he takes good care of him.

Frequently Asked Question

How Old Is Eric Digger On Moonshiners?

Eric Digger Manes was born in 1974 and as of now, he is 49 years old. 

Is Digger From Moonshiners Dying?

No, Digger is not suffering from a terminal disease, he has a blood disorder called Leukemia which is curable. 

Who Is Digger Manes’ Wife?

From Digger’s social media, it is clear that he is married but he has never revealed the name of his wife on the internet or in media.


This was all you needed to know about what happened to Digger on Moonshiners. Yes, he is suffering from a type of blood cancer called, Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia (CLL). He reassures his fans that the disease is curable and that he would leave the show to focus on his health.

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