What Is Aerodactyl Weak Against In Pokemon Go? 10 Aerodactyl Counters

Whenever we talk about defeating a certain Pokemon during a battle, the first and the most important thing that has to be known is the weakness of that Pokemon. So, if today you thought of beating an Aerodactyl, you must be aware of what is Aerodactyl weak against in Pokemon Go, right?

In Pokemon Go, Aerodactyl is weak against all the Pokemon that belong to Ice Type, Water Type, Steel, Type, Rock Type, and Electric Type. The attacks of any powerful Pokemon falling under these categories can cause about 160% damage to the Aerodactyl Pokemon. This is not enough to defeat this Pokemon, there are further things that you must know, and are discussed below. 

In Pokemon Go, there are different kinds of Pokemon, each of them falling under a specific “Type” that decides what Pokemon it will be resistant towards and what it will be vulnerable to. The same goes for Aerodactyl, which is a Dual Type Pokemon, both a Flying Type and Rock Type. 

If you want to know in detail about the strengths and weaknesses of Aerodactyl in Pokemon Go, then you will find all the information right here. 

About Aerodactyl – All You Need To Know

Let us first get hold of some important information about Aerodactyl, the first thing being that this is a Rock as well as a Flying Type Pokemon with a maximum CP of 3147. The Pokemon Number of Aerodactyl is 142. 

Other important stats of Aerodactyl go as ATK – 221, DEF – 159, and STA – 190. 

“Rock Throw” and “Rock Slide” (12.47 DPS) fall under the best move sets of this Pokemon which was originally found in the Kanto Region among the Gen 1 Pokemon. 

Other forms of Aerodactyl that can be obtained in the game by leveling up include a Mega Aerodactyl and a Shadow Aerodactyl. 

What Is Aerodactyl Weak Against In Pokemon Go?

In total, there are about five different Pokemon Types to which the Aerodactyl Pokemon is weak. Here is a list of all these types of Pokemon. 

1. Water Type Pokemon – cause 160% damage.

2. Ice Type Pokemon – cause 160% damage. 

3. Rock Type Pokemon  – cause 160% damage. 

4. Electric Type Pokemon  – cause 160% damage. 

5. Steel Type Pokemon  – cause 160% damage. 

So, if you are planning to fight against an Aerodactyl Pokemon in the battle, it would be great if you have some powerful Pokemon from any of these five Types. 

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Best Counter Pokemon For Beating Aerodactyl In Pokemon Go

It would be great if you exactly know the most powerful Pokemon that Aerodactyl Pokemon doesn’t stand any chance again, so, we have come up with a list of some of the best counter Pokemon for Aerodactyl along with their best move sets. 

1. Shadow Metagrosss – Meteor Mash, Bullet Punch

2. Mega Blastoise – Hydro Cannon, Water Gun

3. Shadow Raikou – Wild Charge, Thunder Shock

4. Shadow Electivire – Wild Charge, Thunder Shock

5. Xurkitree – Discharge, Spark

6. Mega Manectric – Wild Charge, Thunder Fang

7. Shadow Swampert – Hydro Cannon, Water Gun

8. Shadow Mamoswine – Avalanche, Powder Snow

9. MetagrossMeteor Mash, Bullet Punch

10. Mega Gyarados – Hydro Pump, Waterfall

If you have any of these Pokemon, make sure that you use them during the raid battle against Aerodactyl. 

What Is Aerodactyl Strong Against In Pokemon Go?

There are six types of Pokemon that an Aerodactyl Pokemon is resistant against and will not take much damage from them no matter how powerful of a Pokemon it is under these types, here is a list of each of them. 

1. Bug Type Pokemon

2. Poison Type Pokemon

3. Ground Type Pokemon

4. Flying Type Pokemon

5. Normal Type Pokemon

6. Fire Type Pokemon

Do not, even by mistake, pick any Pokemon from these Types when you are planning to beat Aerodactyl during the battle in Pokemon Go, or else, you may not win. 

Wrap Up

Now you know the weak spots of Aerodactyl as well as the best counter Pokemon that will not let the opponent Aerodactyl persist in the battle for a long time, so what are you waiting for? Go ahead and take part in the Aerodactyl raid battle and capture this Pokemon for yourself.

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