What Jobs Are Good For People Who Like Video Games?

Tired of your mother nagging and complaining about how you spend all your day playing Video Games and this wouldn’t lead you anywhere? This myth has been spread in almost every household that Video Game lovers will have no future and would probably never get a job. We are here to burst this myth. 

If you are always confused about the career you must choose and also desire to keep your love for Video Games then we have selected some of the best jobs for people who like video games and want to pursue a career related to that. 

Game Tester, Designer, Game Programmer, and Audio Engineer are some amazing professions to choose from if you are a video game enthusiast. 

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What Jobs Are Good For People Who Like Video Games?

Following are some great job options for people who like Video Games 

  1. Game Tester
  2. Audio Engineer
  3. Game Programmer
  4. Game Designer
  5. Professional Gamer
  6. Artist 
  7. Writer

Keep reading for more details on these professions so that you can choose a career of your choice that pays handsomely and a job that you would actually enjoy. 

  1. Game Tester

Ever thought that you would be the first few people to check out and play a game before its release? No? Then we have great news for you. Game Tester is a very popular profession among game lovers. Here, you have to test the proper functioning of the video game by testing the controls, and character movements, looking for any glitches in the game, and informing the improvements to be made. 

The job is to test the game, rate your gaming experience and inform the game developers and designers of improvements and flawless work. 

  1. Audio Engineer

A very important job during the development of a video game is sound. The Audio Engineers or Audio Programmers create the background score and the soundtrack for the game. It’s their duty to make it catchy enough to keep the players hooked to the score. Even the character voices in the games or the sound of other objects, elements, etc are all to be created by the Audio Engineer.

It is not an easy job as they must create music that would effortlessly make the gaming experience for the players even better. However, you will enjoy it. 

  1. Game Programmer

Are you a Video Game lover with a knowledge of coding? Then this profession would be the best choice for you. The job of the Game Programmer is to use coding to create programs needed by the games to run on various platforms. The characters’ movements, interactions, and gameplay are all made sure to function properly by the Game Programmer. The ideas in the brain are presented on screen by these programmers and thus it’s their duty to make them realistic. 

The profession pays well but also requires tons of hard work and smart work. If you love various exciting and unique gameplay then you will definitely enjoy creating one. 

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  1. Game Designer

The artist in you might have always thought of creating and designing your own game that would be perfect in all aspects, well, here is the opportunity. The Game Designers with a whole group of developers and others create the concept of the game. Design the characters, the gameplay, the storyline, and the background to make it a masterpiece that would be loved by all. 

The Video Game Designers can be provided with additional coding or programming work if they have knowledge of the concept and can be paid a hefty amount. You must have learned programming languages for gaming to get into this profession.

  1. Professional Gamer

If you are insanely talented in video games then you can choose to play to earn a living. Professional Gamers are sometimes even sponsored to play and take part in various tournaments to promote their games. But, you must be extremely talented and should be able to connect with people so that they watch you play. This profession pays well and all you have to do is play your favorite game. 

So maybe one day your mother would shout “Stop roaming around and play some video games!!”. Do tell her about these professions. 

  1. Artist 

The artists in the games customize the characters and game settings. They create 2D or 3D images of the player characters and the game environment and background. You must be talented for this to create characters like none before and those who are attractive and scream “Perfect”. The various objects or props, the climate, and the main or Non-playing characters should all be customized perfectly. 

The designs may start from sketching by hand but are later provided with technical modes to bring out that image in mind or in paper to the screen and reality. 

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  1. Writer 

Action and gameplay are important for a game but another aspect that matters the most is the storyline that actually gives birth to the characters, the setting, and the objective. Gaming companies hire writers to create the script for their games and determine their functioning. Writers must create amazing stories, marvelous characters, great backgrounds of those characters, and how the game will be carried forward. 

Not just the game’s story, they are also responsible for writing various documentation, in-game commands, manuals, and even slogans to ensure it is received well. This again is an exciting profession where you can earn great. 

Wrap Up 

Do go through this article and also show it to those who believe that gaming is just a waste of time and you cannot achieve anything from that. The list above is just the tip of the iceberg as there are numerous jobs perfect for those who like video games. But also remember, these are professions and you won’t be hired because of your hobbies. Schools and institutions are teaching about them. So learn well, earn well and do what you love. 

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