Where To Find Herdier In Pokemon Go?

If you are looking for a defending Pokemon rather than an attacking one in Pokemon Go, which means that it comes under the Normal Type, then Herdier is a great option for you. However, despite being a normal Pokemon it is a bit rare, but we will let you know how and where to find Herdier in Pokemon Go so you don’t have to put too much of your effort into it. 

To find Herdier in Pokemon Go, you need to set out for looking for it in the wild. Using an incense pot as well as Lure Module will be better to easily find this Pokemon as it is a bit rare. If you need to get further tips on catching this Pokemon once you find it, then all of it is already provided in this article. 

Normal Type Pokemon are the only type throughout the game Pokemon Go that are weak only against just a single type, that is Fighting Type, not like the other Pokemon which are vulnerable to at least 2 to 3 Pokemon Types. However, these Pokemon are better used as defenders and not attackers as they are not much effective. 

If you are also looking for a similar Pokemon as we described, then check out this guide that will help you a lot in finding a Normal Type Pokemon, Herdier. 

Where To Find Herdier In Pokemon Go?

If you are looking for a Herdier in Pokemon Go, you can just move in the wild and you will probably encounter one soon. You will need to find a Herdier in its natural form because it cannot be evolved from any other Pokemon, so you only have a single method to have this Pokemon. 

However, this Pokemon doesn’t spawn in the game that often, so it will be a great thing if you make use of Lure as well as Incense Pot to attract this Pokemon towards you. You might in fact need a lot of incense to find a single Herdier because it is a bit rare to locate easily. 

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How to Catch Herdier In Pokemon Go?

Catching a Herdier in Pokemon Go is a more challenging task as compared to finding one, so this is the part you need to focus more on. 

Since a Herdier is a Normal Type Three Star Raid Boss, catching it is neither to hard nor too easy, so you will need to make the necessary preparations if you want to obtain it. 

Being a Normal Type Pokemon, a Herdier is most vulnerable to only Fighting Type Pokemon, so this is the only choice for you to send for a battle. Also, remember that the CP of a Herdier can be partly boosted to a certain level if the weather is partly cloudy. 

So, while the usual CP of a Herdier during a regular encounter is just 904, which is Level 20, it can rise to 1130 when the weather is Partly Cloudy which shall make it tougher to beat. 

Yet, if you use the right Pokemon Counters for a Herdier, then you can have great chances of capturing it. Thus, here are a few of the top Counters for a Herdier that will ensure for you that you win the battle. 

1. Lucario

Charged Move – Aura Sphere

 Fast Move – Counter

2. Machamp 

Charged Move – Dynamic Punch

Fast Move –  Karate Chop

3. Conkeldurr 

Charged Move – Dynamic Punch

Fast Move – Counter

4. Heracross

Charged Move – Close Combat

Fast Move –  Counter

5. Mega Gengar 

Charged Move – Focus Blast

Fast Move – Sucker Punch

6. Mewtwo 

Charged Move – Focus Blast

Fast Move – Psycho Cut

7. Sirfetch’d

Charged Move – Close Combat

Fast Move – Counter

8. Breloom 

Charged Move – Dynamic Punch

Fast Move – Counter

9. Mega Y Charizard

Charged Move – Blast Burn

Fast Move – Fire Spin

10. Hariyama

Charged Move – Dynamic Punch

Fast Move – Counter

These were the ten best Herdier Counters that you will find in Pokemon Go, so if you have even one of these then make sure that you send it for the battle to increase your chances of winning. 

Wrap Up

This was the entire available information on Herdier about where to find Herdier in Pokemon as well as how to catch it. If you really want this Pokemon, make sure that you first collect a good range of Fighting Type Pokemon with high CP to raise your possibilities of getting this Pokemon.

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