Where To Find Landorus In Pokemon Go?

It is well known that Pokemon of the Ground and Flying types are particularly fascinating, as Landorus is. Let’s say Pokemon first displays its abilities by engaging in ground combat, but then it unexpectedly uses its ability to fly to win the encounter. Isn’t it interesting? Absolutely!! This means that having this type of Pokemon can increase the chance of winning the game. We wrote, “Where to find Landorus in Pokemon Go”? To help you find this pokemon in the game.

Landorus is only available in PvP and Raid Battles while Niantic has it in the current Pokemon Rotation. Currently, from April 26, 2022, to May 3, 2022, Therian Forme Landorus is accessible in five-star raid battles.

Increasingly more people are becoming obsessed with catching Pokemon in Pokemon Go. The goal of any Pokemon Go player is undoubtedly to catch every Pokemon. However, capturing all Pokemon at once is not possible. You must therefore gather each one individually.

Today, with this article, you have a chance to catch Landorus. If you don’t have this amazing Ground and Flying Pokemon yet, then we are here to help you in catching Landarous.

Where To Find Landorus In Pokemon Go?

Landorus is not likely to appear in the wild on its own because it is a legendary pokemon. Raids or PvP Battle League prizes are the main ways for trainers to locate and earn Landorus now that Season of Legends is over.

How To Catch Landorus By PvP?

You must have completed a Pokemon Go Battle League Season with a rating of 20 in order to obtain Landorus through PvP.

How To Catch Landorus By Raids?

Landorus is also available in Raids. With the help of players, you will be able to catch it by battling in Raids.

But, Landorus is not currently included in the list of raid or PvP rewards. This implies that locating it will be extremely challenging. 

For trainers, this isn’t really good news. Landorus and the other forces of nature maybe return as raid bosses or PvP rewards in the future, according to Niantic.

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How Many Forms Of Landorus Are There?

There are two forms of LAndorus:

  • Incarnate Forme
  • Therian Forme

Incarnate Form

You will observe Landorus in its incarnate form seated in what looks to be a cloud with its arms crossed. Its stats are-

  • Attack: 261
  • Defense: 182
  • Stamina: 205

Therian Forme

Instead of standing upright in a cloud, Landorus appears to be on all four in its Therian Forme. Its stats are-

  • Attack: 289
  • Defense: 179
  • Stamina: 205

Where To Find Landorus In Pokemon Go Now?

At a given time, you can find only the Therian Forme of  Landorus only in the 5-star battle raid which was started on April 26, 2022, to May 3, 2022. The only way to ensure that Landorus shows up in a raid near you is to search for a 5-star battle raid while traveling about and crossing your fingers.

How To Beat Therian Forme Landorus In Pokemon Go?

You must defeat Landorus during one of the five-star raids in order to capture it. It’s crucial to understand that you cannot enter a five-star raid alone because the Pokemon there are extremely challenging to kill. As a result, you should gather your squad before entering the battle.

How To Catch Landorus After Defeating It?

After you defeat the tough Pokemon, its CP will drop, offering you the opportunity to catch it. Unfortunately, it won’t be an easy task because it’s one of the Forces of Nature.

It is advised that you stock up on Razz Berries and Golden Razz Berries before engaging yourself in the battle with Landorus because these will aid in its capture. You just need to make a few attempts, and you will be able to catch it.

Why You Should Catch Landorus In Pokemon Go?

It is one of the most powerful pokemon you can deploy to win PvP battles, take down gyms, and complete raids. Being a legendary ground and flying pokemon, it is rare to catch. Extrasensory and Earth Power are two of its best attacks. Also, in order to complete your Pokedos, you also need to capture it.

Best Moves To Use Against Landorus

Landorus is being vulnerable to ice and water so in order to defeat it, you will need to battle it against those Pokemon who are ice and water pokemon. Their move sets will surely give huge damage to Landorus, and you can be able to capture it easily. 

The recommended Pokemon for the raid battle is-

  • Lapras
  • Feraligatr
  • Swampert
  • Kyogre
  • Jynx
  • Articuno
  • Walrein
  • Abomasnow
  • Weavile
  • Glaceon
  • Mamoswime
  • Galarian Darmanitan

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That’s how you will be able to find and catch Landorus in Pokemon Go. Due to the fact, that all of these above-mentioned Pokemon have Water or Ice as their primary types, you and your team will be able to defeat Landorus with their support. Keep in mind that you and your friend will receive more premier balls if you catch the Landorus quicker.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are Landorus Thundurus and Tornadus to be found?

When it shows, one can find Tornadus in the Bonechill Wastelands, and when it thunders, one can find Thundurus between Sand’s Reach and Lunker’s Lair.

When does Landorus Raid happen?

From 6 to 7 p.m local time, a legendary raid hour with Therian Landorus is scheduled.

Where is the location of Landorus?

Landorus is located around Ramana’s Island in the Obsidian Fieldlines in the southern region of the map.

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