Which One Is Better Xbox One Or PS4? Know Better Before Purchasing!

Are you also wondering about which one is better Xbox One or PS4? Well, such a thought is common as well as important when you are up for purchasing a new gaming console that will fulfill all the requirements you are expecting. 

When we compare Xbox One and PS4, undoubtedly PS4 is better. Not only does PS4 have a better range of supported games but also the graphics on this console are incomparable to Xbox One, which is a factor that a gamer definitely cannot neglect.

Both Xbox and PlayStation consoles have taken up a vast space in the world of gaming. Millions of people purchase these consoles all over the world and enjoy playing so many interesting games on them. However, there is a small mistake most of them make, which is not checking the options carefully before spending money on a console.

But, we won’t let you make such a mistake, that’s why we are here to let you know which one is better Xbox One or PS4 so that you do not have to regret later after hurriedly purchasing the console that you won’t be satisfied with. 

 Xbox One vs PS4 – Everything You Need To Know

Let us check out all the major features and aspects of PS4 and Xbox One so you are left with no confusion in making the decision about which one to purchase. 


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Which One Is Better Xbox One Or PS4? 

Here are some of the most unignorable reasons for which you should be sure to choose a PS4 console over an Xbox One. 

1. Game Library

With a PS4, you get access to about 320 more games, which adds to a wide variety. So, if we talk about an Xbox one, there are 2945 games available, while you have 3265 options of games in case of a PS4. 

Also, even if both PS4 and Xbox One are two of the latest consoles in gaming when you will check out the game library of these two, you will see how much difference there is. 

While the PS4 console lets you play some of the greatest AAA titles of this generation including Red Dead Redemption 2, God Of War, and The Witcher 3, in the case of Xbox one, you will find some great first-party games like Forza Horizon 4, Gears 5, and Horizon 5.  

2. Floating-Point Performance

The raw processing power of a GPU is measured in terms of Floating-point performance, which means the higher the value, the better it is for you. 

A PlayStation 4 comes with the 1.84 TFLOPS  floating-point performance while an Xbox One with 1.31 TFLOPS, so you can just see there is a difference of 0.53 TFLOPS. 

3. Memory Bandwidth

Next is the memory bandwidth. The higher the memory bandwidth, the faster the memory can be assessed, and thus, all the data of the game can be quickly retrieved making the processing faster giving you a good gaming performance. 

If you are getting an Xbox One for you, you will be getting 68.3 GB/s of memory bandwidth, while there is a drastic level-up when we go for a PS4 being 176 GB/s marking the difference of 107.7 GB/s which is a significant difference as you can see.

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4. Shading Units

In a graphics card, there are some small processors that we called the stream processors or more precisely, the shading units, these are something that is necessary when it comes to processing various aspects of an image. While an Xbox One has just 768 shading units, you get 384 more with a PS4, which makes it 1152. 

5. Compute Units

As you might know, a GPU has stream processors which are very important to decide the processing power of the graphics and the Compute Units are a part of it. Since you must also be aware of the importance of graphics in gaming, there are 12 compute units in an Xbox One whereas, if we talk about a PS4 console, there are 18, which means 6 more in number. 

6. Render Output Units

The final steps of the process of rendering and the final pixel data that is written into the memory, all these tasks highly depend upon the ROPs (Render Output Units). Plus it also helps improve the way the graphics look by performing anti-aliasing.

And there is directly a double game here because an Xbox One has just 16 ROPs while there are 32 in a PS4. 

7. Internal Power Supply

If you do not want to be dependent upon the external power supply from the cable, it is great for you to know that a PS4 comes with an internal power supply, so if you do not have much space, this console will definitely fit the best for you. 

8. Motion-Sensing Controller Compatibility

 Here is something really interesting that you can’t miss about the PS4 consoles, which is that it shows compatibility with the controller that is motion-sensing. These are the controllers that contain sensors like gyroscopes and accelerometers and the like which can track the motion of the players and send input accordingly.

And you are going to get this feature only and only if you get yourself a PS4 and not in the case of an Xbox One, so it is you who gets to decide if it matters for you or not. 

Wrap Up

This was all about which one is better Xbox One or PS4? It’s not that there was nothing good about an Xbox One, however, when compared to the benefits coming along with a PS4, its qualities went unnoticed. Well, the final call is yours once you see which one provides you with all you basically are looking for in a gaming console.

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