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Are you a fan of Hip-hop and Rap music? If yes, then “Whoomp! There It Is” is one of the best hip-hop songs for you. There are many remixes of the song available online. But do you know who originally sang the song Whoomp?

Whoomp! (There It Is) is a party hip-hop song sung in the 1990s that is still a hit song. The song was initially famous because of word of mouth. It became a party anthem and was Number 1 on the Billboard in 1993. 

The song Whoomp was originally sung by a rap duo known as Tag Team. Read the article to more about the origin of the song and its singers. 

Who Sang The Song “Whoomp”?

“Whoomp! There it is” is a common phrase used by many dancers and performers which basically means “Look at That”. The song was originally sung by a hip-hop and rap duo called Tag Team. They recorded the song in 1992. They mixed it with another hot song” I’m Ready” and played it in a club. 

The song received a lot of appreciation and love. People started demanding it again and again. That was when they decided to officially release the song. But unfortunately, almost every label rejected it. So one of the members of the Tag Team took money from his family and released single records. It became very popular back then and is still on the top list of Hip-hop songs. 

Below are some of the key features of the song:

  1. Catchy Song

The song is famous and popular because of its repetitive and catchy phrases. The chorus in the song plays a very important role as well.

  1. Call-and-Response Style

The Call-and-response technique used in the composition works wonders. It makes the song more memorable as it is more like a conversation and the listener sings along.  

  1. Impact On The Pop Culture

This particular song had a very long-lasting impact on pop culture. The was featured in many ads, movies, shows, etc. The song also maintained its legacy to date.

  1. Collaboration

The song was sung by a duo, Tag Team, and their chemistry in the song is commendable. The song is very engaging and catchy, and it still remains a hit party anthem.

Who Are The Members Of The Tag Team?

Tag Team has two members Cecil Glenn and Steve Gibson. They broke the record with their single debut song “Whoomp”. But unfortunately, their other songs were not as popular as this one. Their first song together was released in 1990, “Strictly Political”

Both the artists were from Denver, a city in the United States. They were both interested in music since they were in school and college. Then they moved to Georgia where they learned more about the hip hop music. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Was Tag Team a One-Hit Wonder?

Yes, The group is considered a One-hit wonder as all their other songs were not a great success.

Is There A Remix Of The Song Whoomp, There It Is?

The song Whoomp has many remixes but the most popular one is by Dodge and Viper.


In Conclusion, “Whoomp! There It Is” sung by Tag Team is far more than just a song. Its catchy phrase and memorable harmony had a long-lasting impact on Hip-hop fans. It is a song of celebration and a perfect party song. 

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