Why Using Bongs & Pipes Can Be a Super-fun Experience

Bongs and pipes are becoming a lot more common among smokers, not only because they are a lot cleaner and less harmful to your health than joints are, but also because they are really fun. It’s a lot more common today to find people lighting up bongs at parties than it is joints, which wasn’t always the case. Many people also smoke pipes privately, because it’s a lot less work than a joint is.

This post will tell you why using bongs and pipes can be a super-fun experience, well worth trying out for yourself.

Why Using Bongs & Pipes


One of the most enjoyable things about using bongs and pipes is that they are very easy to use. When you want to roll a joint, you have to mess around with lots of bits of paper and little bits of cardboard. If you haven’t ever rolled a joint before, then trying to can be a nightmare. Whether you’re using a bong, a traditional pipe, or a more complex bubbler pipe, all you have to do is to load your smoking instrument’s bowl, light up, and breathe deep. The process couldn’t be any easier. Once you have smoked your pipe or bong, you will begin to feel the high instantly. Smoking out of a pipe or bong is also a lot less wasteful since no smoke is lost when you smoke out of one of these, which sadly isn’t true for joints.


As mentioned in the last part of the previous section, when you smoke out of a pipe or a bong, you begin to feel the Cannabis working within seconds. However, the high doesn’t only have a fast onset, it’s also very intense. The high of smoking through a bong is a lot more intense than it is smoking through a joint, primarily because you consume a lot more smoke in a much shorter duration when you are using one of them. When you smoke a joint, you tend to smoke over a period of minutes or even hours, losing a lot of smoke in the process.


Smoking out of a pipe or out of a bong is very fun. One of the main reasons that it’s so fun to smoke out of one of these devices is that they can get you extremely high, which is great when you are around friends. You can also adjust your dose so that you don’t get that high. Going back to wastefulness for a moment, a lot of people roll big joints because they have to, and then don’t finish them. Cannabis gets stale when it’s left in a half-smoked joint, so when people do go back to their joint, more often than not it’s no longer usable. When you use a bong or a pipe, you only have to put in as much weed as you want, meaning you can save weed.


The use of a pipe or a bong can also be a lot more discreet, although this statement is more true for pipes than it is for bongs. Bongs tend to attract a lot of attention, mostly because they are very brightly colored and large. Pipes on the other hand can be smoked with anybody even knowing what you are doing because they are fast to deploy, burn quickly, and don’t emit a lot of smoke.

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One of the most annoying parts about smoking joints, or smoking Cannabis in general, is the mess that’s left behind afterwards. If you have children or pets in the house, rogue Cannabis grains can be very problematic. If your pet or child were to come into contact with any, then they could get high, which is a very bad thing. Bongs and pipes are so easy to use and so clean (since you can put a bud straight in without even having to grind it down), that you won’t have to worry about big clean-ups ever again.


Finally, bongs and pipes are a lot more affordable to smoke in the long term than joints are. You won’t have to buy rolling papers or roach card, nor will you need tobacco if that’s what you use to help your joint to burn (which is more common in Europe and the United Kingdom than it is in the Americas). Because of the cost of living crisis and the price of everyday household essentials rising exponentially, there’s never been a better time to save yourself money. The use of a bong or a pipe can do that for you.

Cannabis is a very popular drug. It has a lot of health benefits, which are sadly ignored by the plant’s critics. One of the most enjoyable ways of consuming it is through a pipe or through a bong. This page’s advice has explained why that is.

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