Writing a Winning Business Plan for Investors

Imagine having acquired a technology that helps you look into the future. Would this benefit you? Perhaps as a new business, it can help you ascertain the future and make your strategies accordingly.

For investors, this technology would mean being able to secure their investments a hundred percent. They can look into the future of the investment opportunity and make their decision whether to invest in it or not.

But because investors don’t have this superpower (yet), it is up to the budding businesses to illustrate the future for them. It means making them believe in the success of your business, and so, convincing them to invest.

Business Plan for Securing Investment

In this regard, a well-developed business plan is necessary for businesses to share their business idea, outline their vision for the future, and describe the strategy they’ve developed for turbulent years.

There are three main aspects for writing a winning business plan for investors:

Executive Summary

Many entrepreneurs do not realize the importance of executive summaries. It is so important that it is one of the three main aspects of a winning business plan.

The executive summary is what makes or breaks the deal in many cases. This is because investors do not proceed to look at the next components of the business plan if the executive summary or the “elevator pitch” is not up to the mark or doesn’t interest them.

Business Description and Feasibility

The second main part of the business plan is a deep dive into market research. If you’ve done significant research, then only you will be able to convince the investors how your business fits into the picture.

Here are some important elements of the business description part:

·         It is a must that before you present a business plan, you should become a devil’s advocate to assess every part of your proposed business idea, business model, and future strategy.

·         It is also important to get insight from industry specialists and if possible, quote them while presenting your business plan to increase the believability of the business’s success.

·         Also, showing the initial success of your business and its acceptability by the target audience is a great way to win over investors as it shows the business’s potential.

Financial Forecast

Investors don’t just invest in a business because the idea seems “interesting”. They consider the projected financial performance of the business as well because it would be their money at stake.

Investors would never put their money in a business if they’re not sure that it will yield returns. And since there are many businesses out there seeking investment, investors choose to invest in the business that gives the best returns.

Also, because they are learned in finance, the finance plan shouldn’t be something you just come up with at the last moment or makeup yourself.

There should be sound research behind all the elements that you put in the projection, so they are convinced of the growth potential of your business.

Other Business Plan Elements

Other than these three critical elements, other important parts of a business plan include a separate marketing plan, a sales plan, and a summary of the management. You should show how your business has all resources but the finances to carry out its plan.

If you are not prepared with the resources, you might not be able to secure investment, unless you can convince the investors that you will.

How to Draft an Effective Business Plan?

Drafting an effective business plan is not easy. It needs sound research, expertise, and also communicating this effectively to secure the investment. If you have all the knowledge in the world and a business that has great potential, but cannot convey it to the investors, you will not be able to succeed.

Professionals who know what investors are looking for can draft proposals that are bound to secure capital. Experts like OGS Capital have people who can weave an outstanding proposal that wows the investors and compels them to invest.

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