Xbox Games With Gold For October 2022 – Do Have A Look

Great news for Xbox Live gold members as they are given exclusive access to the newly brought games for the month of October 2022. Microsoft’s gaming console brand is known for providing realistic graphics for games which gave it a good hold in the gaming market. The brand provides gamers with an opportunity to play online games with Xbox Live and thus is an appreciated gaming console.

Microsoft has now announced the lined-up Xbox Games with gold for October 2022 and they look fabulous. Against the traditional four free games ritual, Xbox, for October has featured only two Games with Gold but as it is said quality matters.

Following Xbox Games with Gold are introduced for October 2022

  1. Windbound 
  2. Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition 

Let’s find out more about the games and the gameplay before you start your October to make you more excited about these fun games so that you do not miss this amazing adventure. 

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2 Xbox Games With Gold For October 2022 To Try

  1. Windbound
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If you are a huge solo survival game fan and love that dangerous but amazing adventure, then this is the game for you. The player takes the role of Kara who has been shipwrecked on an uncharted island and has nothing to survive. 

Testing your survival skills, the game lets you build everything you need to survive from the scratch. Craft your own weapons or tools and build your own boat to get off that island. 

You need to survive the attacks of strange creatures and uncover the mysteries and secrets of the new islands you explore The graphics are surreal and the game takes you to new lands to explore. Windbound is available from October 1st to 31st.

  1. Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition 
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Bomber Crew Deluxe Edition is the game that requires the most management and controlling skills. The game lets the player control a bomber crew during World WarII as the commander. The player’s job is not just giving commands but the commander needs to choose and fit an entire crew with each member having a unique backstory and their own set of skills that are perfect for the job. But, their survival is in your hands. Death is permanent for the crew so you need to do your job well.

As the commander, you need to defend against the enemy gunners and at the same time, manage the ammo, hydraulics, fuel, and your crew. The game is available from October 16 to November 15.

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Wrap Up

The two games introduced for Xbox lovers have an exciting storyline to engage you in the game and are too good to keep you entertained. The characters of both games are very interesting and so is their adventure. So, stop worrying about your October plans and join the others in playing these two amazing games. Seal the deal before it ends.

Xbox Games With Gold For October 2022-FAQs

Do you lose games with gold after Xbox live expires?

If it expires, you won’t be able to access your games with gold titles. The moment you renew the subscription, you will get access back.

How long do games with gold last?

If you are an Xbox Live Gold and Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber then Games with gold arrive as a monthly benefit for you. 

Do you need Xbox Live Gold to play online in 2022?

Yes, you definitely need Xbox Live Gold to play any multiplayer online game at the moment. However, there are chances that Microsoft allows gamers some free-to-play games in near future. 

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