314159u review? Is Geniune or Scam

Have you ever heard about 314159u? It may seem like a series of random numbers but there is much more to it than just numbers. We are going to unfold the mystery behind these numbers for you. 

314159u.com is an online website that sells luxury items and delivers them across the world. We all know that the value of Pi π is 3.14159 (an irrational number). The transaction made on the website is done by using Pi coins.

Quite confusing right? Don’t worry we are going to provide a review of this website in this article. That can help you decide whether you should use the website or avoid it to protect yourself from running into scams.

What are Pi coins?

Pi coins are a type of cryptocurrency and are not legal. The Pi network has launched a project that allows the general public to mine Pi coins on their smartphones. 

The Pi coins can not be exchanged for money and can only be used to purchase anything online from a website that allows Pi coin payments. One such website is 314159.com where you can use these Pi coins.  

Is 314159.com Genuine Or a Scam?

314159.com is an online website which is a little suspicious as the owner of the website has not disclosed its identity. The website became very popular in less than one year which may suggest that it has used some kind of technology to boost traffic on the website. Most of the spam websites do this to make their website look genuine.

The website has a valid SSL certificate which ensures that the website is safe to use. The website is not a scam and it has reasonable scores. But it is still a suspicious website and the Pi coins it deals with are illegal. So it is not recommended to use this website unless you do thorough research about this website. The pi network is a future technology and it does not hold any value in the present time. 

Frequently Asked Questions?

What Is Pi Barter Mall?

Pi Barter Mall is the part of Pi project and an online platform where the purchases of goods are done using Pi coins.

When 314159u.com Was Registered?

On 6th July 2022, the 314159u.com domain was registered and is operating from the United States.

Is Pi Network Safe?

There is no guarantee that the Pi network will become successful in the future or not as the project is still in progress. 


In this article, we have discussed a very famous website 314159u.com and we found out that the website is not a scam but it is still suspicious and is not safe to use. So we strictly do not recommend using such suspicious websites as they may contain harmful programs that can infect your devices.

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