what happened to alex giangreco

Alex Giangreco and Hollie Strano were one of the most popular couples in the world. They had all the material wealth, a beautiful family and undeniable fame. But then, out of the blue, they announced their divorce. The world was shocked. What happened? Why did they get divorced?

In this article, we will take a look at the events leading up to the divorce and try to answer these questions. We will also explore the impact that the divorce had on Alex, Hollie, and their children.

So, what happened to Alex Giangreco and Hollie Strano? Read on to find out.

Who is Alex Giangreco?

Alex Giangreco by profession is a mixologist.

As a bartender, he has over 10 years of work experience. Alex has worked in many restaurants, bars, and cafes. 

Who is Hollie Strona?

Hollie Strona by profession is a meteorologist. 

She worked in WKYC. She is well known for her job as a meteorologist. 

Hollie was previously married to Toohig, she is the proud mother of her two kids with Toohig. 

About Alex Giangreco and Hollie Strona’s relationship.

Alex and Hollie were dating for a few years before they tied the knot with each other. 

Alex met Hollie when was on a holiday in Florida. They both exchanged their phone numbers in Casablanca.

They had their first date at Aruba Beach and decided to take a bigger step by getting engaged. The couple got love from their fans.

After a while, in front of the Hyatt Regency, Alex proposed to Hollie.

The couple decided to get married and tied the knot in November 2014. They kept their wedding venue the same as where Alex and Hollie had their first date. 

In Alex and Hollie’s wedding everyone was invited including family and guests, later on, Alex and Hollie decided to plan a reception in which they invited more than 200 people including WKYC co-host John Anderson. 

What happened to Alex Giangreco?

Alex and Hollie seemed to be a lovely couple. This couple was loved by many people. Unfortunately, their bond didn’t stay for long.

The couple set their ways apart after being married for 3 years. 

Everyone got to know when Hollie Twittered about Alex’s divorce on 15th June, 2017.

The reason behind the divorce is still kept secret as none of them talk about it now. 


What is the age of Alex?

Alex is 39 years old.

What is the age of Hollie?

Hollies is 50 years old.

What is the name of Hollie’s kids from her first marriage with Toohig?

Jessica and Grady are the names of Hollie’s kids from Toohig


Alex was well known because of her marriage with Hollie, the famous meteorologist. 

Unfortunately, Alex and Hollie didn’t end up together and decided to get a divorce.

The couple informed this on Twitter. 

After that day there is no information available about the relationship status of Alex and it is clear that he is still single. 

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