Best UFC Games For PS4 2022

Most of us have grown up watching UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship) fights, but now it is time that you try some UFC games for PS4. Yes, because of UFC’s popularity, several games have been developed in this genre. 

PS4 is a very popular video game console across the globe and has games from each genre in abundance. No matter what type of games you like to play, PS4 has got it all for you. Just like that, if you are fond of UFC games, there is a good range for this as well. 

The top UFC games for PS4 include: 

1. EA Sports UFC 2 

2. EA Sports UFC 3

3. EA Sports UFC 4

4. Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

5. EA Sports UFC

6. Creed: Rise To Glory

6 Best UFC Games For PS4

1. EA Sports UFC 2

UFC Games For PS4 - EA Sports UFC 2

As the name already tells, this is an Ultimate Fighting Championship game for PS4 where you will be able to get near real-life fighting experience with astounding moves.

There are more than 250 fighters out of which you can choose yours. You are also allowed to make customizations to certain aspects of the fight. There are a lot of attacks that you do on your opponent to take them down, such as punches, kicks, submissions, and grapples.

There are also several gameplay modes in which you can play. You can also customize your characters as you want them. 

You can purchase this game for your PS4 on Amazon at the price of $15.61. 

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2. EA Sports UFC 3

UFC Games For PS4 - EA Sports UFC 3

It is a sequel to the game EA Sports UFC 2 and was released in the year 2016. EA Sports UFC 3 has heavily been endorsed by the famous fighter Conor McGregor as the cover athlete. 

There is also the career mode in the game in which the choices you make will define the career of your character. So, there is a lot more apart from the fighting section in the game. 

EA Sports UFC 3 is available for purchase on Amazon for just $21.00

3. EA Sports UFC 4

UFC Games For PS4 - EA Sports UFC 4

This mixed martial arts-based video game is the most popular one and is the newest UFC game PS4 has. You can choose your fighter from a huge list of 229 fighters, each unique from the other. Also, there are 81 versions of the game, so you can see how much diversity you are going to get in this one. 

There is also a Career mode in the game where you will be allowed to customize your own fighter who can become the GOAT. 

Within the game, as you will keep playing and proceed, you will be able to choose whether or not to accept a fight, as per which, your character’s fighting career will be affected, so, you will need to make the right decision at the right time. There are Online World Championships in the game, also the Blitz Battles which you can be a part of. 

You can get this latest UFC game on Amazon for $27.70. 

4. Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

UFC Games For PS4 - Big Rumble Boxing: Creed Champions

There are twenty different characters in the game out of which you can choose one as your fighter. Each character in the game has a unique and entertaining journey. There are several legends like Rocky Balboa and Adonis Creed whose characters you can play. 

You can also choose the venue where you would like to fight. Just use some thrashing boxing moves and fight off the opponents to attain victory and thus get some new characters or outfits unlocked. You will love this arcade-style game as it comes under the best UFC Games For PS4.

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5. EA Sports UFC

UFC Games For PS4 - EA Sports UFC

This one is the first ever installment to the UFC series developed by EA Canada in collaboration with SkyBox Labs. The game was released in June 2014 and gained popularity as it had the cover athletes, Alexander Gustafsson and Jon Jones. 

The game is mixed martial arts fighting video game where the player can change his character’s fighting strategies in the middle of the game and it makes the game feel more realistic to the players. 

6. Creed: Rise To Glory

UFC Games For PS4 - Creed: Rise To Glory

Creed: Rise To  Glory is a UFC-like virtual reality video game where you can play the game in player vs player mode or even have a quick fight session with your friends. 

You can choose the career mode in this game also where you will be able to train your character for the fight and throughout the multiple fights, you will advance further. The game is based on the famous fighter Rocky Balboa. 

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Wrap Up

These are all the famous and most preferable UFC games for PS4, so, just go ahead and purchase the one you would love to play the most and share this with your friends too so that they can also enjoy these virtual fights.

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