What Games Could You Play on a Commodore 64?

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Like making up random songs from the 80s and not everyone can remember about the Commodore 64. However, if we performed an occasional refresh on your memory of yours, then you may be thinking about all the incredible games you played to play with the Commodore 64.

This article will give you an old-fashioned blast with a selection of Commodore 64 games that are certain to transport you to memory lane. From classics such as Street Fighter II to more innovative titles such as Impossible Mission, there’s definitely an option that will appeal to everyone on this list.

Without further delay, we’ll get going!

Street Fighter II

One of the most-loved fighting games ever, Street Fighter II was initially developed for arcades in the year 1991. It was later released to a range of home consoles and consoles, including the Commodore 64.

The game offered eight characters that could be played each having their own unique move and style of fighting. The goal was to take down all the other characters in a one-on-one battle till you become the final player standing.

Impossible Mission

Impossible Mission is a 1984 platformer video game produced and published by Epyx. The game lets players play the role of a secret agent that is required to infiltrate the base of the enemy and take it down from the inside.

The game is known due to its difficult nature, as a lot of the puzzles need precision timing and quick reactions to complete. However, Impossible Mission is considered a classic and is popular with gamers in the present.

California Games

California Games is a 1987 video game for sports that was produced and released by Epyx. The game offers six different sports that can be played. Each game is set in a different area of California.

The sports in the game include BMX biking, footbag skateboarding, roller skating frisbee and surfing. California Games was a popular game during its time and is still cherished by players to this day.

Summer Games

Summer Games is a 1984 Olympics-themed sports video game which was created and published by Epyx. The game has eight different Olympic games that can be played with track and field and gymnastics, swimming and much more.

As with the California Games, Summer Games was also a popular sport at the time and is still loved by players in the present. If you’re a huge fan of Olympic-themed sports or like to relive those memories that were made, then this is the game you should play.

Winter Games

Winter Games is an Olympic-themed sports video game created and released by Epyx. The game has eight distinct winter sports to play like bobsleighing, skiing and ice hockey.

Like the Summer Games, Winter Games was also a well-loved game during its time and is still loved by players even today. If you’re an avid fan of winter sports, or simply desire to feel the thrill of the Olympics in a new way This is the perfect game for you.

Brief History of Commodore 64

The Commodore 64, also called The C64 as well as the CBM 64, is an 8-bit home computer that was introduced at the beginning of January 1982 in the United States by Commodore International (first shown at the Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas, January 7-10 in 1982). It was deemed to be the greatest computer ever made. Wired magazine and PC World named it one of the 15 most influential computers of All Time.

There you go this listing of the top five Commodore 64 games that are guaranteed to send you down memory lane. If you’re a lover of combat games, platforms and sports-related games, there’s one in this list that will appeal to you. So what are you wasting time doing? Get the original Commodore 64 and start playing!

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