Where Is Misty Carausu Now

In the small town of Vallejo in March 2015, California turned into the focus point for something dreadful that captured attention throughout the whole United States. The abduction of Denise Huskins followed this unusual chain of events, making it difficult for the victims as well as law enforcers. Second to none in cracking this baffling case was Detective Misty Carausu who happened to be connected with the Dublin Police Department then. This article details Misty Carausu’s critical part in resolving the kidnapping case and focuses on her current projects as well as her professional accomplishments.

Misty Carausu’s Role in Solving the Kidnapping Mystery:

After the incident of kidnapping Denise Huskins, Misty Carausu appeared to be a central actor who connected each dot and revealed the truth. In June 2015, Misty was sent to a home invasion in Dublin because some similarities showed patterns of the case involving Huskins. In the Vallejo case, a husband and wife were tied up. Yet, this time the wife managed to flee and call 911, starting a series of events that would eventually reveal who committed the crime.

Importantly, Misty found a cell phone at the crime scene that was left behind by Matthew Muller’s stepfather. Soon enough, Matthew Muller was discovered to be a suspect related to the kidnapping of Denise Huskins. Laptops, cellphones, stun guns, and ski masks were also found at subsequent investigations in Matthew’s cabin near South Lake Tahoe. Furthermore, Misty’s detailed work revealed remarkable similarities between the two break-ins which led to Matthew Muller’s conviction on kidnapping and sexual assault charges.

Misty Carausu’s Professional Advancements:

Misty Carausu’s career has grown substantially since her active involvement in settling the kidnapping case. She held the position of detective in the Dublin Police Department by the time Matthew Muller was captured. Currently, Misty has worked as a sergeant at Alameda County in California since 2018. Even before she became a sergeant, Misty was once a deputy sheriff demonstrating her commitment to law enforcement and community security.

Apart from her achievements in detecting crimes, Misty has shown interest in improving work place environment. Importantly, she promoted the introduction of nursing areas in places where women work which resulted in lactation lounges. This pilot project was highly praised, leading to an order that lactation rooms be provided in all agencies owned or rented by the county.

Misty Carausu: An Advocate for Working Mothers:

However, the influence of Misty Carausu is by no means confined to this narrow sphere – she also advocated for working mothers. Not only mother of the department profit from her unorthodox innovation to establish lactation lounges but also employees in other companies. To go beyond her commitment and as a step toward the provision of counseling services to new mothers within the department, Misty had Lactation Counselor Training.

Personal Life:

Misty Carausu lives with her husband and two young daughters in Livermore, California. This dedication and resilience are evidenced in balancing the requirements of her professional life with advocating for improved working conditions, as well as that of a mom – Misty.


Misty Carausu’s transformation from a successful kidnapping case to championing the rights of working mothers reflects how her impact straddles both law enforcement and community improvement. The case of Denise Huskins stands as evidence that her commitment to excellence leads to shifts in workplace policies, and caring for others. Misty Carausu embodies professional excellence and activism in her community.

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