Best Dirt Track Racing Games For Xbox One 2022

What’s the fun in racing unless your vehicle is covered with mud and dirt! Do you also wish have a rash driving in the Dirt Track racing games for Xbox One? Because this is what a true race looks like!

Xbox One provides users with tons of games from each and every genre and the same goes for racing games. Although there are quite a few dirt track racing games available for the console, those few are enough to have a good racing time. 

The best Dirt Track racing games for Xbox One are:

1. Dirt 5

2. Dirt Rally 2.0

3. World Of Outlaws Sprint Cars

4. MX vs ATV All Out

5. Tony Stewart’s All American Racing

6. MXGP Pro

7. Trials Fusion

Let us now know more about how amazingly fantastic these racing games are, so, are you ready? 

7 Best Dirt Track Racing Games For Xbox One

Here is the detailed description of each of the dirt track racing games that you would surely love to play on your Xbox One. 

1. Dirt 5

Dirt Track Racing Games For Xbox One - Dirt 5

Dirt 5 is a popular off-track racing game for Xbox One where you compete with the opponents in different bulgy locations in the countries like China, Italy, Greece, Morocco, Brazil, New York, South Africa, and Nepal. 

The weather system in the game is dynamic and there occur different seasons in the game that will also impact the racing, like, in the winter, you will only get to take part in the ice racing events in New York. 

The game can be played with up to four players at a time in split-screen mode. There are over 70 routes to race on, all unique. There is a detailed photo mode in the game and you will get to try some of the best jumps and moves in the game. 

You can get this game for your Xbox One for $27.00 on Amazon. 

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2. Dirt Rally 2.0

Dirt Track Racing Games For Xbox One - Dirt Rally 2.0

It is time to step into a race with one of the three DLC cars – Porsche, Fiat, and Alpine Renault in the FIA World Rallycross Championship’s official game. Race on the tracks with fascinating environments in Australia, USA, Poland, Spain, Argentina, and New Zealand. 

You will not get any better off-the-road experience in any other game as much as you will get in this one. You can also build your own team in the game and expand your garage with a variety of vehicles from more than 50 historic and modern rally cars. This is one of the best Dirt Track racing games for Xbox One.

Dirt Rally 2.0 is available for Xbox One on Amazon at the price of just $28.00. 

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3. World Of Outlaws Sprint Cars

Dirt Track Racing Games For Xbox One - World Of Outlaws Sprint Cars

Another great choice for a dirt track racing game is World Of Outlaws Xbox One. where you will get to race on twelve unique tracks which also include some of the toughest dirt tracks at Eldora, Lernerville, Charlotte, Williams Grove, Knoxville, and many more. 

There are top 20 Sprint Cars drivers from which you can choose your character among the best ever drivers in the world which include Joey Saldana, Donny Schatz, Jason Meyers, and Steve Kinser; isn’t that great! 

4. MX vs ATV All Out

Dirt Track Racing Games For Xbox One - MX vs ATV All Out

Enough of car racing, now be a biker and go wild on the dirt tracks to be the winner of the race. MX vs ATV All Out is a two-player game that is played on split-screen. You can also play the game in online mode with up to 15 more competitors. 

The gameplay consists of several modes like Opencross, Nationals, Waypoint, Supercross, Tag, etc. You get a chance to try some thrilling stunts in the Freestyle mode with no restrictions over your playing style. 

5. Tony Stewart’s All American Racing

Dirt Track Racing Games For Xbox One - Tony Stewart’s All American Racing

There are over 20 unique tracks to race on in this game, and all of them are dirt tracks in the Career mode. You can choose your vehicle out of three options. The game can be wither played on split-screen or with up to 25 players in the online mode. There are also several customizations available within the game. 

This game can be purchased at the cost of $29.90 from Amazon. 

6. MXGP Pro

Dirt Track Racing Games For Xbox One - MXGP Pro

With advancements in AI behavior and physics engines, the game is more realistic than ever. There are 19 official tracks on which you can race with your MXGP and MX2 riders who have been given 3D facial scanning. 

The game is playable in the Career mode where you can take the professional-grade challenge. There are much more customizations both for the rider as well as the bike. 

Get this game on Amazon for your Xbox One costing just $14.50. 

7. Trials Fusion

Dirt Track Racing Games For Xbox One - Trials Fusion

Trials Fusion has some of the best ever and mind-bending racing tracks. It doesn’t matter if you are racing alone or in a tournament set on a worldwide level,  you the entire competition will be only and only around you. There are certain special events and tournaments in the game as well as team racing. 

The tracks on which you will get to race are all unique and will not be found in any other game. You can purchase Trials Fusion on Amazon for $12.40. 

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Wrap Up

All these were the major and the best dirt track racing games for Xbox One. So, your search is finally over, just go ahead and choose your game and start racing with or against your friends without wasting more time.

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