Where To Get Rock Smash In Emerald?

Are you unable to advance further through the storyline of Pokemon Emerald? That might be happening because you are still not sure of where to get Rock Smash in Emerald because that is an important ability that you would need in several instances throughout the game. 

One of the titles in the series of Pokemon Games is Pokemon Emerald, which is although in the market since 2004 and a lot of new games have been developed after that, still the game has its own fanbase and people love to play it to date. 

To get Rock Smash in Emerald, first, you have to go to the Mauville City Gym and beat the gym leader from there, and then you and obtain the Dynamo badge as your reward, after that you have to find Rock Smash in the same city from a man. Still confused? Don’t worry we have explained the whole method elaborately. 

Let us know in detail how the players can get rock smash in Pokemon Go so that you can easily find as well as obtain it for yourself in the game. 

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Where To Get Rock Smash In Emerald?

In order to get Rock Smash in Pokemon Emerald, first of all, you have to reach Mauville city, you will be able to go there while you progress through the story and this will happen only after you have reached the Second Badge in the game. 

After getting your second badge, you need to use the 110 Route to reach Mauville City. Now, start moving to the right side of the Poke Mart and you will soon find the house of Rock Smash Guy. you will find the house just to the right of the Poke Mart. He will then ask you to call him a new name after which you will get an HM06 Rock Smash from him. 

But remember that if you do not have the Stone and Knuckle Badges, you will not be eligible for getting the Rock Smash HM, so make sure that you have obtained that. 

Then, choose a Pokemon that doesn’t require space to make an attack move and teach it Rock Smash. 

Do not get confused by the name of this move, although its name is “Rock Smash” it is not a Rock Type move but instead a Fighting Type move. 

Then, if you want to use Rock Smash to break whichever rocks you want in the game, you will need to defeat the Gym Leader which is in the Mauville City Gym after which you will earn the Dynamon Badge and only then you will be able to use the Rock Smash move. 

Remember that the Mauville City gym is an Electric Type gym, so, make sure that you use a good opposing Pokemon against it, and be prepared in advance. It would be best if you have some great Ground Type Pokemon with yourself. 

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The name of the Gym Leader is Wattson, and once you have defeated it you will get your Dynamo Badge, and then you will not only get a speed boost for your Pokemon but also the ability to use Rock Smash. Then, you can continue to move to Verdanturf Town through the west of Route 117 where you can start testing this new move that you have got. 

After that, you can move to the cave that is present at the top of this town where you can use your Rock Smash move however you want. 

For this, you just have to press the A button whenever you face the cracked rock and this will use your Rock Smash move. Whenever you break rock using the Rock Smash move, you will receive the HM04 strength in the form of a reward. You can use this strength only after you earn the next badge and it will be used only outside the battle. 

Wrap Up

We hope that it will not be much difficult for you now to obtain the Rock Smash move in Pokemon Emerald, and if you still have any doubts in your mind, feel free to share them with us via the comments section so that we can further help you with the same.

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