7 Dance Games For Nintendo Switch 2022

If you ever wished to twist your waist and dance like Shakira, dance games for Nintendo switch bibles to take down those extra calories and make you groove like Nora Fatehi.

Travel and health never go hand in hand but once you opt for dance games for Nintendo switch, you better be stress-free as they are one of the best fitness dance games for Nintendo switch.

7 dance games for Nintendo Switch include:

  1. Just Dance 2018
  2. Just Dance 2019
  3. Just Dance 2020
  4. Just Dance 2021
  5. Just Dance 2022
  6. Zumba Burn It Up
  7. 1-2 Switch

If you wish to know more about dance games for Nintendo switch, we have provided a depth description of each game with suitable ratings.

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Dance Games For Nintendo Switch: Rock And Roll Dance Enthusiasts

1. Just Dance 2018 

“Waka waka “, ” Despacito” to ” Bad Liar ” and ” Iggy’s and Zedd ” Boom Boom”.This game allows an interface designed for players to copy the dance routine displayed on screen to various top hit music. 

The song includes pop music by Bruno Mars, Selena Gomez, Dua Lipa, Luis Fonsi, and Daddy Yankee. Around 40 famous tracks are available.

This game also plays some brilliant music for your kids in kids mode and unique soundtracks are available in Just Dance Unlimited mode.

Note: Just Dance Unlimited is an exclusive service based on a three-month paid subscription plan. The only difference is the addition of new songs to your former playlist.


2.  Just Dance 2019

If the song ” Havana” kept you on your toes and the heaviness of Ariana Grande’s ” No Tears Left to Cry” was on repeat mode in your playlist. Dance Games for Nintendo Switch improvised the list of songs in their Just Dance franchise in the year 2019.

The new list of 41 soundtracks was updated in the 2019 version including Elton John’s ” I am Still Standing” dated back in 1983.

The player imitates the choreography of the chosen song shown on screen using motion controllers. Available on: Wii, Wii U, PS4, Xbox One, Xbox 360

New audios were added in the kids’ mode and just dance unlimited mode too.


3.  Just Dance 2020

The player in this game also has to impersonate the dance steps shown visibly on the screen to the song of the performer’s choice. These dance games for Nintendo Switch incorporated a new “All Stars” mode into the game extending the Just Dance franchise’s 10th anniversary. It also layered up this dance layer game with additional blockbusters of the years. The additional top-up to the console of this generation was a special version of Chinese Just Dance Unlimited which included classics such as “All you gotta do”, “Let’s Party”, and “Little Apple” by Chopstick Brothers.

Available on: Stadia, Wii, PS4, Xbox One.


4.  Just Dance 2021

If you baffle while choosing a song before stepping on the floor then “Quick Play Mode” is an amazing feature of one of the dance games for Nintendo Switch. This model provides you the privilege to dance on the jumbled playlist so that players directly start grooving without the perplexity of zapping through soundtracks.

Just as the previous Ubisoft published Just Dance games for Nintendo Switch, this game also provided the dance steps on screen to be copied by the participant. Multiplayer mode of play was also induced to make players dance on top tracks like: “Adore you”, “All the good girls go to hell”, “Magenta Riddim” etc. But the real twist in the game begins when a competitive tournament begins between players of a similar level or with others while ranking and promoting extra shout-outs to members for upgrading their rhythmic skills.


5.  Just Dance 2022

The latest dance game for Nintendo Switch by the Ubisoft franchise is Just Dance 2022. It works on the same dance genre mechanics as the 4 antecedents with a player mimicking the ballet sequences via motion controllers or an app.

“Happier than Ever” by Billie Eilish was most played as per records. This update also allows multiplayer and single-player modes for all the participants. It is one of the best dance games for Nintendo Switch to make your whole family spend a groovy weekend. Kids mode and just unlimited dance mode are also exclusives for this game.

Available on: PS4, PS5, Xbox One,   Stadia, Xbox Series X/S.


6. Zumba Burn It Up 

Hello, Hello!!! Does not your life has enough burden already? Then, why carry some extra voluntary weights in the gym? Just shake it off with some cardio inspired by some cool underrated dance steps. With 4 classic rhythmic patterns, this game provides results, similar to a HIIT workout. Improve your dance skills while toning your muscles.


7.  1-2 Switch

It is a multiplayer party game using Joy-Con controllers to play. Approximately 28 minigames are featured in it where players go through tough face-off challenges. Besides the dance sequential videoes players are also dependent upon the feedback and audio clues for their performance appraisals.


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Now you know the gameplay, availability, and ratings of the best dance games for Nintendo Switch. Without further ado put on your VR headsets because it is time for a dance party!  

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