Apex CrossPlay Not Working – Is There Any Solution For It?

The games with the CrossPlay feature get a little more importance from the players than other games. But Why? Because CrossPlay features allow you to play the same game with your friends on different platforms as well. So, It is obvious that CrossPlay games are the first pick of the players. But what to do when our favorite Apex crossplay doesn’t work?

But have you ever faced such a situation that the CrossPlay feature in the game doesn’t work properly? How will you feel in that situation? Obviously, you will be irritated. Recently, many players faced the same issue while playing Apex Legends. They want that this issue should be resolved as soon as possible. How do you resolve this issue?

Well!! Like other games, you can try the basic steps to resolve this issue. You can do troubleshooting, restart your device, check on settings, and many more. But these are just basic steps, and this is not guaranteed that they will work or not. Is there any permanent solution for that?

We will discuss this in the entire article.

Apex CrossPlay Not Working

Currently, Apex Legends players are complaining that the CrossPlay feature, which enables users to play with each other across platforms, is either broken or not functioning. The problem seems to be affecting a lot of players, as they complain that they can’t watch their friends play on another platform or ask them to do so. Even the club tab is now inoperable or damaged.

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What Are The Basic Steps To Resolve Apex Legends CrossPlay Not Working Issue?

Numerous reports claim that players have previously tried a number of solutions to resolve this problem but nothing has worked. Here are some basic steps that are done by players:

  • Troubleshooting
  • Restarting the game
  • Checking the game files
  • Rebooting the system

Is There Any Permanent Solution For Resolving Apex Legends CrossPlay Not Working Issue?

Players can be forced to wait for the problem to be rectified or contact Respawn Entertainment if none of these solutions worked. Regrettably, Respawn Entertainment has not yet acknowledged this problem or made a formal announcement. However, given that millions of people are unable to play this game online with their friends, it is hoped that they would identify this problem and fix it as soon as possible.


For now, there is nothing mentioned to fix the CrossPlay not working in Apex Legends. But soon there will be an announcement about it. The developers of this game are finding out the reason for this issue and will soon suggest a solution to resolve it. Till then you can resolve this issue by following the basic steps. Maybe one of them steps will work for you. Apex Legends is currently available on platforms. But this CrossPlay not working issue mostly appears on PC and PS4.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I make Apex Legends cross-playable?

In the bottom right corner of the screen, click the cogwheel (Game Menu). Choose settings. To access Cross-Platform play, scroll down. Toggle it on or off by clicking enabled or disabled, respectively.

How can I add friends from CrossPlay Apex?

  • Launch Apex Legends and log in.
  • The main lobby screen’s Friends menu should be opened.
  • Select “Find Friends” from the menu.
  • Hit search after entering the player’s in-game username.
  • To add someone, choose their profile from the drop-down menu.

Is my PS4 Apex Account compatible with Xbox?

Your Apex Legends Account cannot be moved across these several platforms. Contrary to Warzone and Fortnite, which features complete cross-platform progression, Apex’s rivals.

Why aren’t my CrossPlay friends shown on Apex?

There is just one thing you can do if your friends who are playing Apex Legends on Nintendo Switch don’t appear on your friend list when you try CrossPlay on PS4, PC, or Xbox. Up until they appear, you must keep looking and refreshing your friend’s list.

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