Apple Watch Swipe Up Not Working – 8 Methods That Will Definitely Work

Apple products are in huge demand nowadays. Everyone loves to carry apple devices with them. These devices are iPhones, AirPods, or apple watches. Recently, apple users are facing difficulty with their apple watch. What difficulty? Most of the users said that their “Apple Watch Swipe Up Not Working”. What is the reason behind that?

There are numerous reasons why the apple watch won’t let you swipe up. But to start, I’d advise you to clean the screen and edges, take off the screen protector, then swipe up with clean hands. One of the basic solutions to fix the problem. If that doesn’t work, try the other solutions that are discussed in this article.

The wonderful features of the Apple Watch include fall detection, heart rate monitoring, ECG, and many more. But if you can’t swipe up on it, it’s all for nothing. In order to help you with this, we came up with this article that covers almost everything about the fixes of the apple watch.

Apple Watch Swipe Up Not Working- Methods To Fix This Issue

  • Reboot your Apple Watch
  • Try slow swipes on your apple watch
  • Set up your apple watch as a new device by disabling or reenabling Bluetooth
  • Try to change the watch faces
  • Install its Latest version
  • Factory reset to your apple watch
  • Check if there is any crack on the screen
  • Contact Apple Support

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How to fix Apple Watch Swipe Up Not Working? Brief Description Of Each Issue

Fix 1: Reboot your Apple Watch

  • Long-press the side button
  • Slide the power off to the off position when it shows on your watch’s display
  • To reboot the watch, wait a moment and then press the side button once again

Fix 2: Try slow swipes on your apple watch

I advise attempting to swipe a little slower since you can’t swipe normally on your Apple Watch. You can try slow swipes till a repair is released because it might be a software error blocking the watchOS from detecting the typical swipes.

Fix 3: Set up your apple watch as a new device by disabling or reenabling Bluetooth

Don’t restore the backup when you re-pair the watch, instead configure it as a brand new device.

Fix 4: Try to change the faces of a watch

Sometimes a watch face is stopping your Apple Watch from recording swipe gestures rather than a hardware or software problem. So, try switching your Apple Watch’s watch face and see if it helps.

How to change the Apple Watch face?

  • On the screen of your current watch, swipe left or right
  • Go through your collection of watch faces
  • Once you’ve reached your preferred watch face, stop swiping

Fix 5: Install Its Latest Version

You should also attempt installing the most recent version of watchOS 8.6 as Apple has made it available for Apple Watches that qualify in order to see if this issue is fixed.

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Fix 6: Factory Reset your Apple Watch

Steps to perform a factory reset:

  • Open the settings app
  • Click General
  • Reset
  • Press Erase All Content and Settings
  • Type your passcode

If your apple watch is connected to a cellular plan, you have two choices: Erase All or Erase All & Keep Plan. Select Erase All to completely delete your apple watch.

Fix 7: Look to see if the screen is cracked

Due to the fact that Apple Watch sits on our hands, it is simple to obtain scratches or tiny cracks in its edges, which will influence the places where you swipe. Examine the device for scratches or cracks; if you find any; you should contact Apple Support.

Fix 8: Contact Apple Support

It may be a hardware issue if you’ve seen some cracks on your apple watch. Then, the last step is to contact Apple Support and let them know about your issue as a final solution.


Since using the swipe-up gesture to control your apple watch is crucial, its productivity suffers dramatically if it’s broken. So, we are trying to provide you with these solutions to overcome this problem. Sadly, there is currently no indication from the Apple Support community that this issue will receive an official and permanent solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the iPhone’s swipe-up screen called?

Your most frequently used tools are available right away through Control Center. You can instantly take a photo, activate wifi, manage your apple TV, and more with the help of the control center.

What is the way to fix the control center on my Apple Watch, if it’s not functioning?

Attempt a force reset on your Apple Watch if restarting didn’t resolve the issue. This is the last option that you can do in order to fix it. And if your apple watch is in the process of an OS upgrade, please refrain from forcing a restart. At least 10 seconds must be spent holding down both the side button and the digital crown.

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