are the busbys still together

Have you watched the OutDaughtered series? Most people are really impressed by the Busby couple in the series and really admire them together in real life. But, recently, news about their relationship status has been circulating. 

There are some rumors that the Busby’s couple, Adam Busby and Danielle Busby are getting separated. That literally broke the hearts of their fans. Well!! Is the separation news of Busby actually true? Let’s find this out. 

So, the news about the separation of Busby is fake, they are still together and their relationship is strong. 

Are The Busbys Still Together Today?

Yes, the Busby’s are still together. Fake news about their separation is spreading across the internet as they are temporarily separated from each other. 

But, that separation is just because of their different business trips. Danielle shared an Instagram video with her oldest daughter (Blayke). Danielle explained that their daily routine was getting disturbed, as Adam was in Colorado during that time. 

So, they went to Starbucks with their daughter to enjoy the Starbucks trip together because they were getting bored without Adam. 

That’s why she thought to have a one-on-one moment with the Blakye. Overall, the conclusion is, that Adam and Danielle are still together and their separation was temporary just due to some business trip. 

Are The Busby’s Getting Divorced?

Obviously No. They are the perfect couple and love each other so much. They perfectly managed to stay together with each other as a couple and enjoy each and every part of their marriage. 

In short, they have a healthy relationship and won’t even think of getting divorced or leaving each other. 

How They Managed Their Relationship So Well? Adam And Danielle Busby’s Journey

Adam Busby and Danielle Busby, you must have known both of them together as a couple from the “OutDaughtered” series. If you have watched this series, then you know how compatible they are together in the series as a couple and parents.

As this series shows, Adam and Danielle have strong and real love feelings towards each other. Their relationship has a strong foundation of trust and they worked as a team to grow their relationship more stronger. 

They prioritize communication and deal with any hard situations together by discussing their issues and feelings openly. By giving proper time and concern to the relationship, their connection becomes stronger day by day. 

Despite being in a relationship, they also give space and personal time to each other. So, that they don’t feel the burden of this relationship. They encourage each other and are each other’s support system. 

With all these factors, Busby’s are still together and their love grows every day. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Where Do The Busbys Live?

Busby Sick and the current house both are located in Houston, Texas in League City. 

Will Adam And Danielle Returned To OutDaughtered After Two Years?

OutDaughtered Season 9 launched its first episode on July 11, 2023. It has a total of 8 episodes and is released between July 11- Aug 29, 2023. 

They also start their shooting for the OutDaughtered next season. 


Adam and Danielle Busby’s marriage is strong and they proved themselves as a great couple and parents. The rumors about their separations and divorce are fake. They are an example of a perfect couple who lives their life happily together with their children. 

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