Marilyn Grabowski Now: What Happened to Her?

What happened to Marilyn Grabowski? Why has she gone through so many surgeries?

Unfortunately, Marilyn Grabowski met with an accident. To know exactly what happened to Marilyn Grabowski you need to read the article below. If you don’t know, let first know-

Who is Marilyn Grabowski?

The name Marilyn Grabowski is known by millions of people. Marilyn Grabowski served as Playboy magazine’s former picture editor for more than 40 years.

Marilyn grew up in Santa Monica, California with her family and followed the path of Roman Catholics.

She went to work at Playboy in the first years of her being at the magazine.

At that time she contributed herself to the magazine’s development of its graphical style. She was best known for her photography skills which made her popular and loved by millions of people.

In an interview, while talking to the LA Times back in 2005 she claimed “I never married, never had children”.

Marilyn never regrets her decisions.

When did Marilyn join Playboy?

Marilyn joined Playboy in her early days. 

In 1959, when the publication was only 10 years old, Marilyn started working for Playboy magazine.

Marilyn Grabowski was in charge of publications of the magazines which included choosing and directing the photos. She collaborated with some of the top photographers, including Helmet Newton, Herb Ritts, and many more. 

Pompeo Posar and Ken Marcus are two examples of the fresh talents she uncovered.

What happened to Marilyn?

The exact date isn’t mentioned, Marilyn met with a huge car accident which left her with severe facial injuries and a lasting influence on her life and career. 

She sustained wounds that required surgical repair for her to regain her prior appearance. The doctors suggested putting a steel plate over her cheeks to fasten the recovery.

This encounter left her traumatized and depressed which eventually impacted her mental health.

She chose to undergo extensive plastic surgeries to repair the catastrophic damage to her face rather than overdoing the aesthetic alterations.

Marilyn Grabowski’s net worth.

According to the reports, Marilyn’s net worth is estimated to be $10 million. She has made a considerable salary from her profession as a photographer and image editor.


How many surgeries did she undergo?

As per our resources, Marilyn underwent under 40 facial surgeries to get her prior appearance back. Though, she looks quite different now. 

How old is Grabowski?

Marilyn Grabowski is 84 years old.

Where is Marilyn Grabowski now? 

Marilyn is living her retired life in California. 


Marilyn Grabowski is an illustration of a person who pursued their own passion and established herself in the media as well as in the entertainment industry.

She also experienced some tragic events in her life which left a big impact on her career. 

However, praise for her photographic skills has regularly been given by the people.

Her story impacted people with an example that she enhanced herself through plastic surgeries after a traumatic event in her life.

Marilyn Grabowski is a legend and an ultimate star that cannot be forgotten. 

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