Baby Shower Games For Large Groups

Are you Looking for games to make your Baby Shower Ceremony More Memorable with your loved ones? But choosing the baby shower games for large groups is quite difficult.

The Baby Shower is considered the most important event among the families. It should be a fun event. Many rituals or programs are already organized to make the baby shower a more enjoyable event. 

What about playing some fun games in your baby shower? Yes, there are many game ideas that you will play in your baby shower and make your special day more fun and memorable.

If you are looking for games that you can play in large groups for baby showers, then we are going to show you exactly what you are looking for! Baby Shower Games can make those loving moments more enjoyable. 

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Here are some Baby Shower Games that you can play in a Gathering

Some Popular Baby Shower Games for Large Groups

  • Blindfolded Diaper Changing  
  • Bubble Gum Baby
  • Baby Shower Bingo
  • Diaper Decorating
  • Tie Your Shoe
  • Late Night Diapers
  • Baby Food
  • Feed the Baby
  • Suck It Up

Blindfolded Diaper Changing

This Baby Shower Game is very easy to play. The things you need to play this game are diapers (nappy), blindfolds, and dolls for each guest. To play this game the host needs to set a timer of approx. one minute. The contestants need to put the diaper on the dolls while they are blindfolded. The first contestant to complete the task wins the game. To make this game more spicey you can add a blanket. The contestant needs to cover the baby with the blanket too.

Bubble Gum Baby

This baby shower game is a very fun game. The things you need in this game are inexpensive and can be easily arranged. All you need is some packs of bubble gum. Play this game the host gives each guest a bubble gum and sets a timer of five minutes. The guests to craft a baby from the bubble gum within five minutes are qualified and then the mother chooses the best bubble gum baby. The best one wins.

Baby Shower Bingo

Bingo is always on the top list when it comes to baby shower games for larger groups. All you need is pencils/pens and create or buy some baby shower bingo cards. In this game, the mother reads her card items (such as bottles, diapers, and all other baby-related things) speaking items one by one and the other contestant will mark the item the same as the mother. The first one to mark the card diagonally wins. This could be the real fun you need for a baby shower ceremony.

Diaper Decorating

This game is one of people’s favorite baby shower games. Especially for the parents, play this game, guests need a bunch of diapers and some markers for decoration or writing. In this game the guest decorates the diaper with the marker leaving some wonderful messages for the parents, encouraging them to be good parents. The parents read the messages together. Some of them are lovely, some are hilarious, some are encouraging, etc.

Tie Your Shoe

This is one of the funniest and most incredible baby shower games. This is simple to play. The things you need to play with are some balloons, that’s it. The guests need to place the balloon filled with air under their shirts and tie their shoes. The person who ties their shoes without bursting their balloon wins

Late Night Diapers

The late-night diapers are a large group baby shower game. In this game, the guest wrote some encouraging thoughts on the diapers for the parents (like you can do this, you got this, etc). These diapers are placed on the basket in use for the newborn baby. so that when you are sleeping at night and asking to change the baby’s diaper, you may have some courage after seeing those words on the diapers.

 Baby Food

This is a very interesting game, especially for the guests who are parents. In this game, the host needs to purchase a variety of baby food, more variety, more fun. Fill the baby food in the jars and label the food. Then cover the label of each jar and write a number on each jar. 

Provide your guests with a pencil and a sheet of paper. The guests then guess what’s in each jar by smelling and even tasting the baby food. The guest with the highest number of correct answers wins.

Feed the Baby

This game is the real deal. It will make your guests burst into laughter. In this game, you need to draw a poster of the baby. Cut the face portion so that the contestant’s face fits in it. In this game, the person needs to blindfold and feed the baby (the person holding the poster)

This could be the game you want for your baby shower ceremony.

Suck It Up

Firstly divide the guests into a team of four or five people, then give each group of guests a pile of small marshmallows. Baby bottles for each team should be placed on a nearby table. The first player must run a marshmallow over to their team’s bottle with the syringe once the countdown goes off. The next player will receive the syringe, and so forth. The winning team is the one with the more marshmallows in their bottle.

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If you are holding a baby shower, you definitely want to have fun and make it special for your guests and parents-to-be. Our above selection of entertaining baby shower games works with a variety os guest-lists. These games are specially made for large groups of people. These are one of the best and most common games that are played by most people at their baby shower events. These are some really cute and unique games, especially for baby showers. We hope that this article will help you in selecting enjoyable games for your baby shower. If you enjoy your baby shower by playing our games then share your views in our comment section.

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