Is hyper scape crossplay? Let’s Check Out

Hyper Scape is a first-person shooter developed in collaboration with Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft, which is renowned for its award-winning games, such as Rainbow Six Siege, Assassins Creed, and as Far Cry.

It’s a free-to-play rapid-paced battle royale style game that can be played to play for no cost on PC by way of Uplay, PS4, and PS5 via PlayStation Plus and XBOX Series and Xbox One through the Xbox Marketplace.

Hyper Scape Crosplay 2022

Ubisoft has confirmed crossplay for Hyper Scape. This means PlayStation and Xbox players can participate within the same pool of matchmaking.

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Cross-play compatibility is one of the goals. Ubisoft aims to reduce waiting times between games in the lobby and increase the number of players participating in every match. It is now available in the two modes: crown rush battle royale and team deathmatch.

  • Console players can update their game to start matchmaking automatically with other consoles.
  • Cross-play can be switched “on” and “off” within the account settings on consoles. The environment can be altered in game on the PS4 or Xbox, and can be turned off through the configuration settings of your Xbox.

PC players aren’t in luck right now as they will not be able play non-PC players for general matchmaking. At present, the crossplay feature is enabled as a default feature for PC players, and is not able to be turned off.

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  • Ubisoft is working to integrate their PC players with the lobby in general.
  • But, PC players can play against console players by invitation only. However, keep in mind that games be played within the PC gamemaking pool.
  • A social menu is now available to assist players in keeping track of their acquaintances and access invitations to tournaments and requests for friends.

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