Where To Find Maiden Blood Elden Ring?

Do you also want to get the Bloody Finger that allows you to invade the other players’ world in Elden Ring? For this, you will first need to get the Maiden Blood. But, where to find Maiden Blood Elden Ring? If you don’t know the answer, we do, and we are more than happy to help you out as well. 

One of the latest action role-playing video games, Elden Ring, has gotten popular in a very short time. The game is filled with places to explore and combat gameplay every once in a while. There are several elements in the game that are so thrilling that the players can’t stop themselves from playing Elden Ring. 

To get Maiden’s Blood, visit the Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring and look for a dead maiden on the roof. A portal will allow you to go to the Chapel of Anticipation instead, where you’ll find a maiden’s dead body in a room up some stairs. Now there are two ways in which you can get this blood, which we have discussed in the latter part of this article, so keep reading. 

Let us know in detail where exactly you will be able to find the Maiden Blood in Elden Ring and how you can get it. 

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Where To Find Maiden Blood Elden Ring?

You can go to the Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring and discover a dead maiden on the top there to obtain Maiden’s Blood. Alternatively, you can utilize a portal to travel to the Chapel of Anticipation, where you’ll discover a maiden’s dead body in a chamber up some steps.

One of the most intriguing questlines in Elden Ring is without a doubt Varre’s. You must first fight Godrick the Grafted, though, in order to begin. He is a somewhat formidable boss that can be encountered near Stormveil Castle’s conclusion. You can go to Varre to find out more about him once you’ve defeated him.

Varre is located in the Rose Church, southwest of Liurnia. The picture below shows the precise position. Make sure you’re ready for battle since there are some strong opponents in this region. Varre is standing outside the Rose Church, waiting impatiently for someone to approach and speak to him, after you’ve managed to get there. And you just so happen to be that someone.

Varre will chat about a few Two Fingers-related topics when you speak with him. Continue speaking until you are given the opportunity to select “they didn’t seem appropriate.” As soon as you’re finished, you’ll receive 5x Festering Bloody Fingers, which you must use online to invade three other players. Quickly return to Varre after finishing three invasions successfully.

Varre will grant you the Lord of Blood’s Favor this time and instruct you to soak the object in the maiden’s blood. If you recall, Varre is the same NPC that first made fun of us for not having maidens. So, this demonstrates unequivocally that he is also a maiden-less man.

You can now soak the Lord of Blood’s Favor in Maiden’s Blood using one of two existing techniques for getting the Maiden’s blood. 

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1. Technique 1

The shortest route is to ascend to the Church of Inhibition’s summit, where a young woman’s body is located. Interact with it to let its blood seep into the fabric.

2. Technique 2

For the second approach, you’ll need to get to Four Belfries and then look about for a chest. An Imbued Swordskey that you may use to go to the Chapel of Anticipation is within the chest. When you are here, enter the chapel and climb the steps to your destination. 

The dead body of a maiden is then found inside a chamber, where you can interact with it to let the fabric soak up some of its blood.

Wrap Up

We hope that you won’t find it difficult to get the Maiden’s blood in Elden Ring any difficult after going through our guide that gives you detailed information from finding Maiden’s blood to obtaining it. Now you can collect the blood soaked in the cloth and move forward with the game so that you can return to the Rose church and get your Bloody Finger after giving this bloody cloth to Varre.

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