Warhammer 3 How To Unlock Boris?

Are you also trying hard to unlock the Boris campaign in Warhammer 2? If you have still not found the right way out, then we are here to assist you through the entire process in the right direction. So, are you ready?

If you like action and strategy-based video games, then Warhammer 3 is a good option for you. There are six factions in Warhammer in total and you will find a legendary lord in each of them that you can use to combat as well as lead the armies in the game. Of all these lords, the third one is Boris Ursus. 

To unlock Boris in Warhammer 3, so that you can recruit it in the game, you will have to first unlock Boris as you are in the campaign mode playing the game as Tzardom of Kizlev.

We know that you are still perplexed about how to exactly do this, so, just keep reading to get through our full guide on unlocking Boris in Warhammer 3. 

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Warhammer 3 How To Unlock Boris?

One of the few named leaders of the well-liked faction Kislev, Tzar Boris Bokha is a well-known figure from the Warhammer Fantasy board game. The two primary legendary lords of the Kislev, one of the six launched Warhammer 3 races, have previously been identified as Tzarina Katarin and Supreme Patriarch Kostaltyn. If you are familiar with the Warhammer Fantasy canon, you will be aware that Boris is Katarin’s biological father. 

You must win the Frozen Falls quest battle in order to make Tzar Boris Bokha a playable legendary lord. You must play a campaign as either Kostaltyn or Tzarina Katarin in order to access this battle. Given that Katarin begins with a benefit, we advise choosing her.

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You must seize and hold the towns of Praag, Kislev, and Erengrad using one of these Kislev characters. You can engage in the Frozen Falls quest battle that will allow you to release Boris Ursus once you’ve controlled these settlements for at least ten turns.

Simply slay three Tzeentch sorcerors to vanquish it. After completing the mission, you are given a choice. Boris can join your faction as a new legendary lord that you command or he can start a supportive NPC faction on his own. If you truly want to, you can also let him disappear back into the mountains. Regardless of what you decide, you can now select him when you launch a new Kislev campaign.

Compared to the first locations of the other two legendary lords of Kislev, Boris starts out significantly differently. He is likely to meet little to no genuine opposition in the early campaign as of the game’s launch condition, which should allow you to quickly build up an empire to face off against more formidable foes.

Wrap Up 

We hope that after going entirely through this article, you will easily be able to unlock and then implement Boris in Warhammer 3. If by chance, you still face any kind of issue in your way, you can share it with us in the comments and we shall soon assist you out of the trouble.

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