How To Get Alolan Exeggutor In Pokemon Go?

Do you also find Alolan Exeggutor the cutest Dragon Type? If your answer is yes, then you should definitely get Alolan Exeggutor in Pokemon Go and if you are not sure how to do that, we are here to assist you in the right direction so that you can have this Pokemon on your side. 

Pokemon Go is full of different types of Pokemon. While some of them are purely based on a single type, the others are Dual Type Pokemon, just like an Alolan Exeggutor, which is a Grass as well as a Dragon Type Pokemon and has strengths and weaknesses quite equivalent to each other. 

To get Alolan Exeggutor in Pokemon Go, you will require to take part in the Tier 3 raids where it is also one of the four bosses to fight against. Make sure that you use either of the flying, Fairy, Ice, Dragon, Bug, or Poison Type Attacks when you battle against this Pokemon. If you also want to know about the best counter Pokemon against an Alolan Exeggutor, then you must keep reading. 

Enough of wait and doubts, now is the time for you to get your answers on how to get Alolan Exeggutor in Pokemon Go so that you can have it on your team. 

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How To Get Alolan Exeggutor In Pokemon Go?

It is not a big deal to find a standard Kantonian Exeggutor in Pokemon Go, however, most of the players have their eyes on the Alolan Exeggutor, the reason being its much taller height. 

An Alolan Exeggutor is a Grass and Dragon Type Pokemon and is vulnerable to the Flying, Fairy, Bug, Dragon, and Poison Type attacks. 

Alternatively, this Dual Type Pokemon also shows great resistance to the damages caused by the Water, Ground, Electric, and Grass Type attacks in the game. 

If you want to evolve your regular Exeggcute into an Alolan Exeggutor, there is no other way to make this happen except for encountering it in its readymade form. If you are planning to evolve your regular Exeggute using a lot of Exeggcute candies, that is never going to happen. 

So, what you need to do is defeat an Alolan Exeggutar as a raid boss which you will find in the 3 Tier Raids among one of the four possible Bosses, the rest three being Togetic, Flower Crown Chansey, and Azumarill

Since an Alolan Exeggutor is a tier 3 boss, it is not going to be that easy to beat it in the battle and you will be able to take it down only if you are an experienced Pokemon Go player. 

If you are not that much experienced, it would be better for you to seek assistance from the other players in the game with their teams to make effort with you and beat this Pokemon. 

However, whether or not you choose to team up with other players against this Alolan Exeggutor as the 3 Tier boss, here are some of the best counters for this Pokemon along with their most suitable Movesets that you should definitely consider in both cases. 

1. Galarian Darmanitan –  Avalanche and Ice Fang

2. Mamoswine – Avalanche and Powder Snow

3. Weavile – Avalanche and Ice Shard

4. Black Kurem – Blizzard and Dragon Tail

5. Jynx – Avalanche and Frost Breath

6. Glaceon – Avalanche and Frost Breath

Using any of these Pokemon you have available with you, the chances of defeating an Alolan Exeggutor will increase to a much greater extent and you will probably get this Pokemon. 

However, once you have defeated the Alolan Exeggutor in the battle, you will have to face an encounter with this Pokemon to catch it. 

While you catch this Pokemon, make sure that you use Razz Berries at that time to make the Alolan Exeggutor calm at that time and increase your chances of catching it in your Pokeball by making the right throw so that you do not miss this opportunity at any cost. 

Wrap Up

We hope that after reading this article, there will be no doubts or confusion left in your head regarding how to possibly get an Alolan Exeggutor in Pokemon Go. So, don’t waste more time and start preparing yourself for this 3 tier raid battle to catch this amazing Pokemon.

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