Is Lost Ark Cross Platform? How can I Add Friends?

To ensure that you are able to experience the many kinds of content with your friends and guildmates, take a look at the following regions and worlds lists. It is also possible to check the server’s status page prior choosing your destination but Is Lost Ark Cross Platform?

Be aware that when you purchase an Founder’s or Starter Pack, and you decide to use it on an individual character that you wish to claim, the pack will be tied to that server. Mounts, currency as well as pets are all world-bound and other items such as skins are only available to the character that you redeem.

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Events that you are able to share with others in the same level as you.

  • Guilds and Guild vs. Guild Content
  • Mailing and 1:1 Exchanging
  • Friends List
  • Professions (competing for the world’s nodes)
  • Islands Events
  • Premade Normal PVP Queue
  • Strongholds (in-game player housing system for players)


Things you can only do with other players from other worlds within your own region:

  • Name of your character
  • Messaging
  • All PVE content that is available daily (Guardian Chaos Dungeon/Raid)
  • Cube/Platinum Fields
  • All content from raids
  • Auction House
  • PVP Arena
  • Custom Premade PVP Lobbies

Lost Ark has launched in Europe and America as a flash of lightning coming from a mage’s hand. Within 24 hours of the game’s release the game seen a record-breaking number number of 1.3 million concurrent users that makes it the most game played MMO available on Steam ever in terms of the number of concurrent players and the second-highest-rated game overall in the same way. It’s been so well-liked that many players are struggling to join the game waiting in queues of thousands to access the vastly overloaded servers.

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The sudden and instant dominance in both the media and even lives could appear to have appeared out of out of the blue. However, the reality is that the interest in this game is in the making for a long time and it’s important to take time to understand exactly what caused it. Below, I’ll go over the long journey to its success, the reasons that led to it, the reasons why many players are rushing to take part, and why the majority of them are in a position to not be able to participate.

How do you be a part of Lost Ark with friends

In terms of an online game, Lost Ark will be more enjoyable with the company of a few players by your side. The process of finding a companion in the game is simple and with over 1 million players There’s always someone who is on the same task like you. If you’re seeking to play with several friends, Lost Ark will make things easier.




5 minutes


  • Lost Ark
  • Friends

Here’s everything you should know about inviting your friends at an event like your Lost Ark celebration.

Have fun playing Lost Ark with friends

As with all games online, Lost Ark offers access to a simple friends menu. Here you’ll see the most the most recent players, requests for friends, as well as invite your friends to join the group. This is a more detailed view of what’s happening in you can use the Friends menu functions:

First Step: For access to the Friends menu, hit the letter U at the top of your keyboard. The Community tab at the right side of your screen. Click it to open it. Then, go to the Friends submenu.

Image alt=”Lost Ark UI with the Friends menu highlighted.” data-dt-lazy-src=”×720.jpg” src=”×768.jpg”/>

Step 2. Once you’ve accessed the Friends menu, you’ll see several tabs with details about your current online friends as well as recent players or new friend requests.

Step 3. To invite an online player to join your game, simply click their name and choose an invite button.

4. Remember that you’ll have to be playing on the same servers as your friend in order to play, so be sure to get your partner’s attention prior to jumping into the games.

How do you add friends to Lost Ark

Lost Ark gives you options to include players in your friends list. This is how:

1. When a person is in the vicinity, hold your Ctrl key and then right-click on the player. This will bring up an option menu with options to join the player as an associate, or invite them to join your group.

Step 2. If the player isn’t in your vicinity You’ll need the game’s name. Once you’ve got that information go back to the Friends menu and make a friend request with the details of their account.

This is all there is to it! So long as you’re playing connected to the same server as your friend and know the name of their game it will be possible to complete each Lost Ark challenge in a group. Of course, you could join forces with other random adventurers in case all of your friends are online. This makes it easier to complete some of the toughest challenges without having to work with an entire group.


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